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Program Requirements

All students admitted to the University of Idaho may declare architecture as their major; however, admission into our seamless architecture program – which leads to the B.S. Arch and the accredited professional M. Arch degree required for licensure – is competitive. Below are undergraduate and graduate program requirements by year:

Annual Requirements

Year One: Architecture Foundations and General University Requirements 
During your first year, you will work to satisfy University of Idaho’s core educational requirements and complete preparatory courses for intensive architecture study. 

Transfer students: Courses you have already taken may qualify you for advanced placement.  

Year Two: Apply to the Pre-Professional Architecture Program 
Upon completion of your first-year requirements, you will apply to the pre-professional B.S. Arch program. Transcripts, completion of first year requirements and grade point average (minimum 2.5 GPA required) are evaluated. Approximately 60 of the most qualified students (including some transfer students) are selected for admission to the pre-professional program. 

Download Second Year Application 

Year Three: Apply to the Professional Architecture Program 
After completing second-year requirements, you are eligible to apply to the professional architecture program. A portfolio, transcript and GPA (minimum 2.5 GPA required) are evaluated. Approximately 45 of the most capable applicants are accepted. 

Download Third Year Application 

Year Four: Apply to Graduate Program 

B.S. Arch. Degree Holders 
During the fourth year of our program, B.S. Arch students may apply to our graduate program. To be successful, students who hope to continue must have maintained a 3.0 GPA  in the B.S. Arch. program, completed the undergraduate studio sequence, and be competitive with applicants from other schools. Some current students may find that they need to apply for admission to graduate school after their fall term fourth-year studio, which is possible, but requires special permission from the graduate program coordinator.

Continuing Students from the University of Idaho are not required to submit portfolios or letters of reference with their Graduate Application, but must complete a separate application to the Seamless M Arch Program.

B. I. D. Degree Holders 
During the fourth year of our program, B.I.D. students may apply to our graduate program. To be successful, students who hope to continue must have maintained a 3.0 GPA  in the B.I.D. program, completed the undergraduate studio sequence, and be competitive with applicants from other schools. 

The NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture program is open to new and continuing students. Applications are made through University of Idaho College of Graduate Studies and are due on February 1 for Summer or Fall term admission. Spring admissions are by special permission only. 

UI Students Completing the BS Architecture (Seamless MArch)
Up to twelve credits earned as an undergraduate (that don't apply to the undergraduate degree) may be applied toward the M. Arch degree. If you earn graduate credits prior to entering the graduate program, and begin the graduate program during the summer, you may potentially complete the M. Arch in five years. Most students take 5 1/2 – 6 years to graduate.

Students have the option of spending their fifth and/or sixth year of the M. Arch. program at the Urban Design Center in Boise. Application to the professional program is the same, whether you want to study in Moscow, Boise or both locations.

Students New to the University of Idaho 
Students who will have completed an undergraduate degree in Architecture at another university prior to the beginning of Fall Semester are encouraged to apply to the graduate program. It is a competitive program and successful applicants will have maintained a strong undergraduate academic record. For most students, the course of study will take about two years.

Other Degree Holders
Students with undergraduate degrees in fields other than Architecture are evaluated for placement in the Architecture program based on their academic transcript(s) and portfolio of work. The usual placement is at the second- or third-year studio level and all undergraduate course requirements as well as the graduate requirements must be met in order to earn the M. Arch. degree. Since no undergraduate coursework is currently not offered in Boise, these students must begin their studies in Moscow.

Application materials are available on the Graduate Admissions website.


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