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Schedule of Classes

On and off campus course listings including online courses and professional development offerings


How to Read the Online Class Schedule

Deciphering the online class schedule can be a challenge. Use your mouse to roll over the red highlighted areas below to view explanations about various sections.

  • Glossary | Online Class Schedule
    CRN – Course Reference Number (you will need to note this number when you go to register for the course)

    SUBJ – Subject abbreviation

    CRSE – Course number (100-499 undergraduate courses, 500-699 graduate courses, 800-999 law courses)

    SEC – Section of the course (several sections (classes) of the same course may be offered each semester)

    CREDITS – Number of credits for the course

    TITLE – The course title may be abbreviated to fit the space. See the Catalog for the full course name and description

    CAMPUS – Will identify if the course section is offered on a campus other than Moscow

    START and END DATE – This is the official start and end date of the course

    TIMES – The beginning and ending times for the class are listed in this column

    DAYS – Days refers to the days of the week the class is held. The following letters represent each day of the week classes are held
    M Monday
    T Tuesday
    W Wednesday
    R Thursday
    F Friday

    BLDG & ROOM – Denote the building and room number where the class meets (if it is blank or TBA contact the department for more information)

    INSTRUCTOR(S) – The instructor(s) assigned to teach this section of the course (if it is blank or TBA contact the department for more information)

    DELIVERY METHOD – Will indicate if the course is delivered in a manner other than exclusively in a classroom, such as World Wide

    Web (WWW) for online courses or Video for courses offered via compressed video

    MAX ENROLL – Indicates how many students may enroll in the section of the course

    CURRENT ENROLL – Indicates how many students are currently registered in the section of the course (updated hourly)

    OPEN SEATS – Indicates how many seats are currently available in a section of the course (updated hourly)

    COMMENTS – Will contain notes specific to this course section