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Top 10 Activities for Moscow's Cozy Season

1. Playing in the Snow

U of I students playing in the snow.

Experience the childlike wonder of a snow day. Wake up and look outside to a white and fluffy world. Bundle up and go build a snowman, make a snow angel, have a snowball fight, and go sledding!

2. Cooking


Spend the day inside making something homemade – maybe soup or bread. Warm up the kitchen with smells from the oven. Share the bounty with your friends or your roommates.

3. Skiing, Snowboarding or Snowshoeing


Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, the University of Idaho Outdoor Program is your one-stop-shop. Whatever your needs, they can help. They'll provide everything from advice about our local mountains to fully planned trips with rental equipment, lift tickets and transportation.

4. Ice Skating


Live out your Olympic dreams at the Palouse Ice Rink. Try out figure skating, hockey or curling!

5. Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree

"I" logo on a pine tree for the holidays.

What’s more festive than the holidays? Pile into a car with your friends to go cut down your own tree from one of several local tree farms. Bring your new tree home for decorating, that piney fresh smell and merriment!

6. Build a fire


Whether in a fireplace or outside in a fire pit, set the mood for a cozy evening by building a fire. Listen to the fire crackle as you laugh and tell stories with friends.

7. Drinking Coffee

Students sharing coffee at Einstein Bros on campus

What’s cozier than a cup of coffee? And on a snowy day, coffee is the ultimate comfort. In Moscow, find a steaming cup of joe at One World Café, a local coffee shop where you can enjoy live music and friendship.

8. Going to Watch a Movie 

Student walking in downtown Moscow

There’s something magical about walking out into a calm, quiet snowy world after emerging from a dark movie theater. We recommend Kenworthy, a historic independent theater in downtown Moscow with a wide variety of showings.

9. Staying in Bed


Snuggle up in your jammies and slippers under a pile of blankets with a good book – enjoy watch snow gently falling outside your window. It’s a cozy feeling like none other: safe and warm.

10. Stargazing


Experience the quiet, dark, peacefulness of snowy winter night. Look up to see hundreds, thousands of stars in the sky. Pick out your favorite constellations. Revel at the silvery band of the Milky Way, the expansive galaxy we all call home.

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