88% of first-year students who lived on campus last year returned to the 
University, compared to only 59% of students who lived off-campus.



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Studying in Dorm Room

On-Campus Living

Your success is the most important thing to us.

When you live on campus, you are at the center of Idaho’s vibrant campus life. It’s also convenient, safe and affordable. And, according to national research, students who live on campus are more likely to succeed academically, have higher GPAs, return to campus and graduate faster.

As part of our commitment to your success, the University requires all first-year students' to live on campus. Choose from first-year residence halls, friendly living and learning communities and numerous sororities and fraternities. With so many great housing options, you’re sure to find the perfect home away from home.

Explore your on-campus living options.

  • Fraternity/Sorority

    Academics, friendship, service and fun are all at the core of the Greek experience. At Idaho, you can choose from 10 sororities or 18 fraternities, each with a distinctive living environment and culture. The University’s six multicultural fraternities/sororities do not have living facilities, but members are active in community building activities on campus.

    Brotherhood and Sisterhood

    When you become a member of a fraternity or sorority, you are choosing to live with a group of men or women with whom you share common hopes, dreams, goals and ideals. This brotherhood or sisterhood lasts a lifetime, and is a gateway to many rewards and connections beneficial in college and later in life.

    Academic Excellence

    Academics are very important to the Greek community. Every chapter has an academic expectation and has an academic plan to help students with their academic goals, check out the Greek grade reports. Some chapters have study hours, study tables, class recommendations, study groups, and incentives to assist their members. The Greek community at the University of Idaho offers more than $135,000 in scholarships annually.


    Whether it's in the student government, on an intramural sports team, in clubs, or in social situations, when you join a fraternity or sorority you are opening up a wide range of leadership opportunities.

    Community Service

    Fraternities and sororities actively support the community. A major goal of each chapter is to work with those in need through supporting national philanthropies and local service projects. Community service activities not only enhance your personal well-being, but also assist those in the community who are in need.

    Learn more about Greek Life

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  • Residence Halls

    A residence hall is much more than just a place to rest for the night; it is a place where you live, learn and experience college life with a group of students. From the chefs at the dining hall to the residential service team that cleans the buildings, you have an entire group of people working to make your college living and learning experience great.

    Theophilus Tower

    The Tower is the most popular residence hall for first-year students. It offers the true freshman experience, with large rooms, planned social activities and a welcoming atmosphere.

    The Tower environment makes it easy to meet other students and to get involved in campus life. Living communities in the tower are designed to help students connect and create study groups. All 11 floors in Theophilus Tower are single sex.

    Wallace Residence Center

    Wallace houses first-year through senior, and even graduate-level students. It is a hub of residence life activity with the main food court, game room, and mail center in the building.

    Other Living Communities

    • Targhee Fine Arts Hall - for students majoring or simply interested in music, art, graphic design, theater, architecture, dance, and virtual technology
    • McConnell Hall - a unique residence hall for returning and transfer students looking for a more private environment for academically focused students
    • Living Learning Communities - focused on combining the best qualities of academic and social living environments

    » Learn more about all of our living community options

  • Steel House

    Steel House is a cooperative living group established on the University of Idaho campus in 1952. The house is home for up to 32 diverse and extraordinary women. Members share room and board expenses and participate in household chores to reduce living expenses. All internal affairs of Steel House are run by house members and are overseen by an active, local alumnae board.

    » Learn more about Steel House

  • Apartments & Family Housing

    An Affordable Option for Students

    Family Housing Apartments at the University of Idaho provide a unique community-focused living option for traditional and non-traditional students in the following categories:

    • 19 years of age or older (Elmwood Apartments)
    • Over 25 years of age
    • Law students
    • Married couples
    • Students with children

    » Apartment Descriptions

More about the On-Campus Living Requirement for First-Year Students

*First-year students who are 21 years or older, or who plan to live at home with parents, or who are married/or have children, or who have completed more than 27 college semester credits (excluding dual enrolled and AP credits) may qualify for an exemption from this requirement. Students can download the Exemption Form (PDF) or call the Dean of Students Office (208) 885-6757 with any questions regarding the on-campus living requirement. All requests should be made as soon as possible for fall semester enrollment and by November 1 for spring semester enrollment.