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Students are responsible for following ISI's policies and procedures provided below and throughout the ISI website.

A good command of the English language is essential to complete ISI courses successfully. Students whose primary language is not English must read the course-sponsoring institution's language requirement policy. See Cooperating Institutions for contact information.

Internet access is required for ISI courses to access courses in Canvas and other course materials.

For technology requirements, refer to the syllabus. See Courses.

Independent Study in Idaho students are responsible for maintaining high academic standards and integrity as defined in the course-sponsoring institution's student affairs website.

Honesty is a fundamental value of learning and the educational process and promotes values and activities to instill high standards of academic integrity, civility, and citizenship. Acts of academic dishonesty, including cheating or plagiarism, are considered a serious transgression and may result in a grade of F for a course.

Student information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Independent Study in Idaho instructors and staff may release a student’s education and/or financial records by telephone or email to select individuals or organizations if that student files a Release of Information Form with the ISI office. Mail or fax this form to ISI.

This form can be downloaded from Forms. For more information about FERPA, access the Faculty-Staff Handbook, Chapter 2: Student Affairs Policies, Student Education Records, Section 2600.

FERPA may be more permissive or restrictive than the privacy and public information laws of some states. Therefore, the Idaho Public Records Law must be taken into account when the ISI considers issues related to student records.

Upon registration, you will receive a Registration Confirmation Email with directions for getting started in your course. Your V number is included in this email, which is essential for setting up your accounts. You may begin your course immediately after the registration form has been processed and you have been added to the course in Canvas. You can take up to one year to complete a course.

Upon registration, you will receive a University of Idaho account if you don’t already have one. You will use your University of Idaho account to login to Canvas, use the University of Idaho Library, and check your email which is linked to Canvas. If you need help with your University of Idaho Accounts, visit this webpage. Consider bookmarking this page in case you need it later.

The best way to receive help is to email Make sure to include that you are an Independent Study in Idaho student in your message. You can email from any email address. We recommend that you leave a message if you phone the help desk.

  • Course assignments and other course material are delivered online in Canvas. Although all assignments are available, you are required to complete assignments and exams consecutively, in the order outlined in the course.

  • There are a given number of assignments linked to a specific exam, and they are the building blocks for subsequent assignments and exams. Wait until the grade/feedback on the current exam is returned before submitting subsequent assignments and exams.

  • Students can work at their own pace within the limits set by the course instructor on the number of assignments that can be submitted per week (see Course Rules in Canvas for instructor requirements).

  • Instructors will grade assignments within three weeks after the date of receipt but are not required to grade faster than the maximum number of assignments per week listed in the Course Rules.

  • Students must complete ALL assignments and exams to be eligible for a final course grade.

Generally, ISI courses that are unfinished at the end of the enrollment period, or ISI courses that are failed can be repeated.

Students who repeat an ISI course will start the new attempt at the beginning of the course and will need to redo all work (homework, tests, essays, etc.) previously submitted as part of an earlier attempt in the course.

If a student would like to appeal for their work in a previous attempt to roll over to the new attempt, they can submit an appeal to this policy within 14 days of enrolling in the new attempt of the course.

See Course Extensions section of the Changes in Course Enrollment page.

Occasionally, students experience hardships which prevent them from continuing their Independent Study in Idaho courses. In these cases, students can apply for a hardship withdrawal.

Examples of hardship include, but are not limited to, medical or health emergencies, death or illness of a loved one and demonstrated financial loss. Hardship withdrawals are available to students who are withdrawing from ALL Independent Study in Idaho coursework after the regular drop date.

If a student would like to request a hardship withdrawal, they must provide the following information to the Independent Study in Idaho office:

A personal statement letter:

  • Describe your extenuating circumstance(s) that have occurred AFTER the refund deadline. Include specific dates when events occurred and how these circumstances impacted your ability to be academically successful.
  • Explain why you did not withdraw from your Independent Study in Idaho courses BEFORE the refund deadline.
  • Describe the steps you took to address your extenuating circumstances as they began affecting your academics.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Gather documentation which support and verify the circumstances and dates stated in your letter.
  • Documentation should be on business letterhead of a certifying person, e.g. doctor, lawyer, counselor, employer, etc. Hospital bills, legal writs, family obituaries, and other related documentation of circumstances are also acceptable.
  • Submissions without supporting documentation will be denied.

Some ISI courses require pre-requisites to be fulfilled before registration. Visit Find Courses to check if the course you want to register for requires completion of a pre-requisite.

Proof of completed pre-requisite requirement is required at the time of registration. Email unofficial transcripts and/or reports of standardized test scores that show pre-requisite completion to Registrations without pre-requisite document will not be processed.


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