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Understanding Your Responsibilities as an Independent Study in Idaho Student

Your responsibilities include the following:

  • Read and understand the academic honesty policy and the disciplinary processes of the institution that is sponsoring the course you are taking. You can find links to that information here.
  • Submit your original work on papers, reports, projects, and exams. Do not submit work completed by AI programs, or work you submitted in previous attempts of a similar course without permission from the instructor.
  • Properly cite all materials you borrow from other sources, including books, e-publications, journal articles, newspapers, etc. Use the citation style requested by the instructor. When in doubt, ask the instructor.
  • Display academic integrity by not sharing graded coursework (including exams) with other students.
  • Understand the instructor's expectations for each course you take through Independent Study in Idaho. This information can be found on the course syllabus, on assignment instructions, etc. If you're unsure of your instructor's expectations, please contact them.
  • Read and understand Independent Study in Idaho's policies.
  • Maintain professionalism in all communications with instructors, Independent Study in Idaho staff, and (when applicable) proctors.

Getting Started Checklist

  1. Review the language, computer, and email requirements for taking an online ISI course.
  2. Select a course and review the syllabus for course requirements. Order course materials (you can order books online or check the VandalStore).
  3. Confirm ISI credits apply towards your degree and will transfer to your home institution. It is recommended that degree-seeking students meet with their academic advisors to discuss the ISI course before registering.
  4. Review ISI's registration, transcripts, and fee information.
  5. Review ISI's course fee and refund schedule.
  6. Review ISI's changes in course enrollment and course completion and time considerations.
  7. Register by completing ISI's online registration and paying course fees.
  8. Review your Registration Confirmation Email from ISI (allow 3-5 business days after registration form is submitted).
  9. Set up your Vandal Accounts.
  10. Visit VandalMail daily to view important messages from ISI staff and your instructor or set up email forwarding.
  11. Access online course information and materials in Canvas.


ISI courses are open-enrollment, so you can register for an ISI class whenever it works best for you. It can take up to three business days to complete your registration and receive a registration confirmation email. Instructions for how to set up accounts and log on to your course are included in the registration confirmation email.

Follow these instructions to register:

  1. Select a course from Courses.
  2. It is recommended that degree seeking students obtain written confirmation that credits earned through ISI will be accepted and applied to their degrees as expected prior to registration.
  3. Review Course Fees and Refund Schedule.
  4. Register for a class online. It can take up to three business days to complete your registration and receive a registration confirmation email. Instructions for how to set up accounts and log on to your course are included in the registration confirmation email. You do not need to apply for admission to any of the cooperating schools.
  5. Order textbooks and other course materials from an online bookseller or from the VandalStore.

Students have 12 months from registration to finish a course and, if needed, one four-month extension may be purchased. ISI courses match on-campus counterparts in content and standards, with a per-credit workload equivalent to on-campus courses. Expect a minimum of three months to complete most ISI courses.

Students work at their own pace with a weekly assignment submission limit specified on the course Canvas page. Grades are typically received within two weeks, but instructors may take longer based on weekly submission limits. Please allow for additional time during holidays and instructor vacations. For those needing to complete courses in less than three months, email before registering.

Students receive grades for assignments within two weeks after the submission date, but instructors are not required to grade faster than the number of assignment submissions allowed per week (see individual course syllabi for details). Additional grading time may be needed during holidays, vacations, or instructor illness.

Some ISI courses host their exams on Canvas, while others require in-person proctoring. If a course requires proctoring, you will need to submit a proctor request form. Email the ISI office for proctor information. Please note: proctored exams are paper-based and are not returned to students.

Student responsibilities for proctored exams:

  • Find a qualified person to proctor exams in an education setting and return exams to the ISI office. (Proctor qualifications are listed on proctor request form.)

  • Complete proctor request form and submit it at least two weeks before the first exam. Each ISI course needing a proctor requires a separate proctor request form.

  • Schedule time with proctor to complete exams.

  • Pay any proctoring fees.

  • Show government issued ID before taking exam.

  • The instructor submits a final course grade after all assignments and exams have been graded.
  • An ISI employee processes the grade card, and the student will receive a Course Completion Letter in their Vandal email account. This letter contains information on how to request a transcript through the course sponsoring institution (all completed courses are recorded on a transcript at the institution that sponsors the course).
  • Wait at least three business days after receiving the Course Completion Letter before contacting the transcript office; the Office of the Registrar must record the grade before the course will appear on a transcript.
  • Official transcripts may be purchased from the credit-granting institution credit-granting institution. ISI does not send out transcripts.
  • For contact information and information on which semester a final grade is recorded on the transcript, see Cooperating Institutions and locate the Transcripts section.

Instructors are available to answer questions concerning class materials, grading, etc. Contact your instructor as specified in Canvas. It can take three business days to receive a response from an instructor.

View the Library Science Sequence of Classes to find the order in which to take classes to meet all prerequisites.


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