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Forms Glossary

Students can add classes through VandalWeb during the first six days of each semester. Students can drop classes on VandalWeb through the first four weeks of the semester. After these deadlines, a student must fill out a paper Change of Registration form, obtain the necessary signatures, pay $5 to the Student Accounts Office, and take the form to the Registrar’s Office. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the information is recorded properly. Students: when dropping off the form, ask when you will see the changes on your schedule. Check your schedule after this date. If you do not see the updates, contact the Registrar's Office immediately for assistance.


  • Students can add classes online until the sixth day of class without the instructor’s permission.
  • After the sixth day, a student must get the instructor’s signature on the Add/Drop form.
  • Each form costs $5, which must be paid to Student Accounts before the form will be processed.
  • Students can drop a class without receiving a W anytime during the first four weeks of the course with their advisor’s signature.

Students can earn up to twelve credits of Pass/Fail by completing the Pass/Fail Option form, but there are strict limitations on what courses can be taken as Pass/Fail. Advisors should consult the Regulation B-10 before allowing a student to enroll in a course Pass/Fail.

The student must complete a Change of Curriculum form and submit it to the Registrar's Office. Students: It is strongly recommended that you ask your advisor in your new major for their help in completing this form. If you do not have an advisor for your new major, stop by the departmental office and ask to have one assigned. Once you have a name and contact information for your new advisor, make an appointment to discuss your new curriculum. You do not have to wait until pre-registration advising to meet with your new advisor.

Special notes:

  • An undergraduate student may use this form to update their catalog year for their degree requirements, but not their Core requirements. To change their Core curriculum, a student must complete a Change of Core form.
  • Students must secure signatures from the department they are joining and the department they are leaving.
  • Advisors: Encourage advisees in transition to connect with an advisor in the new department as soon as possible. Often, students who change majors are not contacted by the new department until advising opens, which causes confusion and anxiety for the student.
  • Students should connect with an advisor in their department as soon as possible so they are clear on the expectations of the degree and the sequence of courses.

If a student has received credit for a course based on a college preparatory examination, such as AP, IB, A-Level, GAC but does not feel prepared for the next course in the sequence, they may elect to forgo the course credit, using the College Preparatory Credit Exclusion form, they have received based on the test score in order to take the course at the University of Idaho. Click here for more information (scroll to the bottom of the table).

The advisor must complete a Change of General Education form and submit it to the Registrar's Office. Students have the option of changing to a newer version of the UI General Education or the Idaho State Board of Education Core curriculum (State Board Core). Students with at least 14 transferable credits from another institution of higher education, earned after graduating from high school, are the best candidates for State Board Core. Any student who does not meet these requirements should remain on the UI General Education.

Special notes:

  • Students can update their General Education catalog year, but cannot change to a General Education curriculum that existed before their enrollment at the University of Idaho.
  • If a student has Core Discovery requirements left to fulfill, please visit this chart for information.

The advisor must complete a Degree Audit Substitution/Waiver Request and submit it for approval to a department head or Associate Dean. Academic advisors have the ability to waive or substitute courses in their degree program but advisors cannot waive or substitute general core requirements.

Special notes:

  • If a degree program requires more than 128 credits, an advisor can use the Degree Audit Substitution/Waiver Request to decrease a student's credit requirement to 128. No student can graduate from the University of Idaho with less than 128 credits, unless they have an approved petition from the Academic Petitions Committee
  • Only the Academic Petitions Committee can adjust a student's general core requirements. Students who wish to complete an Academic Petition should contact their college dean's office.

Many students need to take an additional summer or fall term to finish their degree program, but would still like to walk through the commencement ceremony during the previous spring.

Special notes:

  • Advisors and administrators have the ability to deny these requests
  • Submit graduation application through Vandal-Web
  • Fill out the ceremony Reservation and Hometown form through Vandal-Web
  • Check VandalMail for correspondence

There are six major steps a student needs to complete before graduating. Applications for Degree and the Graduating Senior Survey page must be completed before applying for graduation for all degrees.

Students should complete the following steps:

  1. Verify your degree, major, and minor is correct. If not submit a Change of Curriculum form to the Office of Registrar.
  2. Take the Graduating Senior Survey (also available on VandalWeb under Student Information/Registration Menu) and print out the final confirmation page of the survey. Attach this document to the Application for Degree as proof that the survey was completed.
  3. Complete the online Application for Degree form, which is available through a student's VandalWeb. The application is located under the Student Information/Registration Menu.
  4. Complete Ceremony Reservation and Hometown form available through VandalWeb.
  5. Pay the application fee(s) to the Student Accounts/Cashiers after application is approved.
  6. Check VandalMail account often for correspondence about your graduation application and the Commencement ceremony.

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