Important Deadlines

Important Dates and Deadlines

There are several dates you should keep in mind.

You can find the official University Academic Calendar here.

It is your responsibility to know these dates and keep track of them. Printing out the calendar and posting it somewhere prominent will help you keep identify important dates. Missing a deadline could impact how quickly you can graduate, getting preferred classes during registration, and could even possibly have financial repercussions for you. 

Make sure you know the following dates: 
  • When classes begin
  • The last day to add or drop a class
  • The last day to withdraw from the University
  • Preregistration advising period
  • Holidays
  • Final Exam Schedule
*Many students find it difficult to understand the dates associated with adding a class or dropping a class. If you are unsure which dates apply to you, be sure to ask your academic advisor for help.