Majors and Minors FAQs

  • What is a minor?
    Academic minors are a prescribed group of classes consisting of 18 or more credits as described in Part 3 of the General Catalog (Regulation J-9). Some majors require a minor, for others it is optional. Check with your advisor for specifics about your degree program.
  • How do I change my major?
    A change of major is recorded using a Change of Curriculum form which is available on the Registrar's website. You will need to complete the information on the form for both your current program and your new program and collect signatures to exit the old program and be admitted to the new one. Your academic dean's office can assist in filling out the form. Once the form is completed and signed, you must submit it to the Registrar's Office for processing.
  • What is I am having second thoughts about my choice of major and/or I don't know what I want to major in?
    There are a number of resources available on our website for students, like yourself, who are exploring their choice of major.