About ISEM Courses

Students can choose to take the ISem course either in the fall or spring semester of their first year. Advisors should consider the following information as they plan their curricula and assist students: 
  • If you offer an introductory course in your major during the Fall semester, consider advising your students to take the ISem in the Spring semester.
  • Approximately 30 sections of ISem 101 will be available for Fall semester, with another 30 sections (approximately) available in the Spring
  • Once the Fall schedule is published, all ISem courses will be listed under “ISEM,” and not under the CORE prefix.
  • Students who do not register for a Fall ISem should be advised to complete a humanities or social science course from the approved list if their schedule permits.
To ensure availability for students, groups of seats will be opened to students on each of the four Vandal Fridays. Please be aware that an ISem section may look full when in fact there are open seats coming available on the next Vandal Friday. 

Your integrated seminar is taught by a member of the academic faculty from the College of Letters Arts and Social Sciences. 

Your seminar:
  • Is among the smallest courses you will take in your first year 
  • Deeply examines current and interesting topics 
  • Focuses on college-level critical and creative thinking, communicating, explorations of diversity, and other important skills 
  • Encourages group work 
  • Encourages open, respectful class discussion and the building of rich and supportive relationships among students and with faculty
All Integrated Seminar courses carry 3 credits; first-year students only; to be taken either in fall or spring semester of first year.

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