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Powerpoint of 2014 Advising Updates

General Education Curriculum Resources 

2014-2015 General Education Guide 
General Education Learning Outcomes 
It Takes More Than a Major: What Employers Want to See in Student Learning Outcomes and College Graduates
What is an Educated Person? 
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Changes to English 101 & 109

College students need tools and knowledge to become successful writers—not just for university courses, but also for life after graduation.  At the University of Idaho, students begin to hone these communication skills in English 101, Introduction to Academic Writing, and English 102, College Writing and Rhetoric.  These courses prepare students to identify and respond to various audiences and to recognize appropriate types of writing in specific situations.

Sometimes, students need or want extra instruction with writing as they transition to the university setting.  The UI English Department will offer English 109, Writing Studio, a one-credit course taken concurrently with English 101 beginning Fall 2014. The Writing Studio will give students focused, structured instruction about academic writing in a small group setting.

You can download a Word document further outlining English 109 and when a student needs to be enrolled in it. This information is also covered in the Powerpoint linked to at the top of this page.