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Laboratory Trash Guidelines

The following are guidelines for dealing with trash. Please follow these to prevent accidental exposures and injuries to our custodial staff or financial penalties from Latah Sanitation, our garbage collection company.

Empty Chemical Bottles

Wash bottles thoroughly, repeat, and repeat again. Drain and let dry completely, then place outside your door for disposal. The custodian will either dispose of the bottles or take them to ChemStores for reuse.


(e.g., broken glass, needles, razor blades, scalpels, pipettes, nails)

Never put sharps in your trash can. Discard all sharps into a puncture-resistant container that is clearly labels "sharps". If necessary, clean the sharps before disposal. When the container is full, seal it with tape and ask the custodian to dispose of it.

Saturated Paper Waste

If you use paper towels to clean a chemical spill, put them in an appropriate container or bag and dispose of them with your regular chemical waste using a Hazardous Material Disposal Form. Do not put paper towels used for chemical cleanups in your trash can.


Use red biohazard bags (located in the first aid boxes in the corridors) if you need to dispose of things saturated with blood or other bodily fluids. Wear gloves to protect yourself and others when handling biohazards. Call the Chemistry Department Manager (885-6552) or Environmental Health and Safety (5-6524) to arrange for disposal of the bags.


Dumpsters on university property are for trash generated on campus only. Normally, the custodians are responsible for placing trash into the dumpster. However, if you are cleaning out a room, you may deposit items yourself. Do not overfill the dumpster or place items such as pallets, crates, computer equipment, or large scrap metal in the dumpster. If you are unsure about what you can place in the dumpster, please ask the Department Manager (5-6552) or a custodian.


Department of Chemistry

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