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Emergency Procedures

Don't panic. Think before you act; do not attempt to help unless it is safe for you to do so, or else you might become a victim yourself. If the situation is threatening to the building and/or other people, the building should be evacuated.

Building Alarm

  • Alarm activators are located at the east and west ends on all floors.
  • The building alarm automatically summons the Moscow Fire Department and U-Idaho Environmental Health and Safety.


  • When the alarm sounds, extinguish any flame that is in the room.
  • Leave the building quickly, closing all windows and doors behind you.
  • If you know why the alarm was activated, inform the department chair, or his designee, and wait for emergency vehicles at the west entrance.
  • Notify the department chair, or any other appropriate authority, of any imminent danger associated with experiments or equipment you have in operation.
  • Do not enter the building until clearance is given by the Fire Chief or Safety Officer, or their designee.

Personal Injury

  • Simple first aid kits are located centrally on the ground, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors and in the mailroom in the main office.
  • If necessary, transport the injured person to Quickcare or Gritman Emergency Room. Have someone contact Quickcare (882-0540) or Gritman (883-6246) to tell them you are coming. In severe cases, call 9-911 for an ambulance and send someone to the west entrance to meet it.
  • Inform Environmental Health and Safety and the department chair of all cases that require professional medical attention, and complete an accident report form available on the Environmental Health and Safety website.
  • Chemical burns: Use shower or eyewash for at least 20 minutes. Remove clothing if necessary.
  • Bleeding: Clean the wound and apply pressure with a bandage to stop bleeding. If you are helping someone else who is bleeding, use Latex gloves.
  • Minor thermal burns (no blisters): Run cool water over burned area for at least 20 minutes.
  • Severe thermal burns: Do not run water over burned area. Wrap loosely with clean, dry bandage, call 9-911 for immediate ambulance transport to Gritman Emergency Room, and send someone to the west entrance to meet the ambulance.
  • Poisoning: Call emergency medical services (9-911) and the Poison Control Center.


  • If the fire is too large to handle with available extinguishers, pull a building alarm activator and evacuate the building.

Toxic Spill

  • Pull a building alarm activator and evacuate the building.
  • The building will remain closed until cleared for normal activities by the Safety Officer, or his designee, and the faculty member in charge of the area where the incident occurred.

Power Outage/Ventilation Shutdown

  • The building must be evacuated when the ventilation system is off. Cover or cap open containers in your hoods and lower hood sashes before leaving.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Poison Control Center


Environmental Health and Safety


Department of Chemistry

Physical Address:
Renfrew Hall 116

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Dr, MS 2343
Moscow, ID 83844-2343

Phone: 208-885-6552

Fax: 208-885-6173


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