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Preferred First Name

The University of Idaho is implementing the ability for students and employees to indicate their preferred first name for use across university systems and business processes. This functionality will be implemented in phases, with the first phase prioritizing systems that most impact students.

Below is a list of the systems and services that will utilize preferred first names, with an estimated implementation timeline for each. Also listed are the systems and services that will continue to use legal name due to relevant law, policy, regulation or mandate. These lists and the estimated timeline will be updated throughout the implementation effort.

The university reserves the right to remove a preferred name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language, or is being used for misrepresentation.

Note: If you previously provided a preferred name (e.g. for email), it will be overwritten when these changes are implemented in the relevant system. If you want to continue using a preferred first name, it must be set in VandalWeb as described below. If a preferred first name is not set, an individual's legal first name will be shown.

Contact with questions, or to suggest additional systems or services (i.e. not listed below) that could utilize preferred first names.

Once a user sets their preferred first name in VandalWeb, that name will be used in these systems. Most systems will be updated overnight, but some systems may take up to a week to update. Additional systems will be integrated in the future to support use of preferred first name. A list of those systems will be posted as they are identified.

By January 6, 2021, preferred first name will be used in the following:

  • Active Directory
  • BbLearn (aka "Blackboard")
  • Campus Directory
  • Microsoft 365 services (e.g. Outlook and Teams)
  • POLYA math lab
  • VandalWeb (select sections, see tabs below)
    • Faculty/Advisor tab (class list, grade entry, and student profile)
    • Student tab/student profile
  • 25Live

By or before February 12, 2021, preferred first name will be used in the following:

  • VandalStar
  • Simplicity Advocate and Simplicity Advocate GME

By or before July 30, 2021, preferred first name will be used in the following:

  • Library system
  • Parts of Stellent
  • StarRez
  • Vandal Card Office

  • Admissions Visa system, immigration documents, and Sunapsis system
  • Chrome River
  • Direct deposit and physical checks (e.g. student refunds)
  • Faculty grants and legal documentation
  • FAFSA, FSA, and Common Origination Disbursement
  • Financial Award offer letters
  • Heartland ECSI (aka "Salnet")
  • Human Resources portion of Stellent
  • Payroll and Accounts Payable forms/reports in Banner
  • Personnel records, W-2s, pay checks, and benefits-related items
  • Purchasing Card issuance and updates
  • State of Idaho New Hire file
  • State Scholarship portal, National Student Loan Database, and National Student Clearinghouse
  • TA contracts and official communications with TAs
  • Tax and loan documents
  • University employment forms, offers/letters, and EPAF
  • University job listing system
  • University Transcripts

How to Set Your Preferred First Name

1. Navigate to Banner's Personal Information page

2. Click "Edit" in the top right corner of the Personal Details section

Updating Your Preferred Name in Vandal Web - Step 4

3. Type your preferred first name, then click "Update"

Updating Your Preferred Name in Vandal Web - Step 5

4. Your preferred first name should now be reflected in the Personal Details section

Updating Your Preferred Name in Vandal Web - Step 6

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