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Research in Eastern Idaho

Featured Research Projects at the University of Idaho

Active research projects also exist in the Coeur d’Alene region. Here are some highlights:

Center for Ecohydraulics Research (CER)
The CER represents an interdisciplinary approach to river restoration and management in the Pacific Northwest. Opportunities exist for graduate students pursuing degrees in civil engineering, fish and wildlife resources, and geography. The ecohydraulics laboratory also offers a range of residential short courses for practicing engineers, scientists, and planners involved in ecological restoration and natural resource management.
Red River Project
The Red River Project is designed to restore the Lower Red River Meadow, located in Central Idaho, by using a holistic watershed approach to a naturally functioning wet meadow ecosystem. The project purpose is to increase the quality and quantity of fish and wildlife habitat, improve water quality, and promote watershed and river restoration education.
Idaho Water Resources Research Institute (IWRRI) 
IWRRI conducts and directs water research for the state of Idaho and the region. Scientists from Idaho universities, as well as researchers from a variety of local, state and federal agencies and industry partners, work together for a greater understanding of our natural surroundings and develop sensible solutions toward solving water and environmental problems.
Technical Assistance for Rural Groundwater Development in Idaho
The Technical Assistance for Rural Groundwater Development in Idaho project is a cooperative effort between the Idaho Water Resources Research Institute (IWRRI), the Idaho Geological Survey (IGS), and the University of Idaho.
Energy and Efficiency Research Group (EERG)
EERG focuses on increasing the use of energy from renewable sources, and more efficient use of nonrenewable sources. Research partners from state and federal agencies, as well as private business, work with the EERG on projects such as the catalytic ignition in internal combustion engines and energy from agricultural residue projects.