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Center for Advanced Energy Studies

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Center for Advanced Energy Studies

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CAES Center for Advanced Energy Studies

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Idaho National Laboratory

Admissions and Registration

Employees of the Idaho National Laboratory should follow the standard practices to gain Admission, and to Register at the University of Idaho. If you need to speak to an Advisor we are happy to help you.

INL employees must first become a degree seeking student, get a Degree Plan; submit the Degree Plan to the INL. Then fill out an INL Payment Form within the INL system. The student fills out the form, sends it to their manager for approval, and then it comes the University of Idaho for approval. For assistance with this please contact Rose Wold at (208) 526-0318 or email: rosalyn.wold@inl.gov.

INL Employees must meet university deadlines for submitting payment forms and are subject to late fees. INL Employees incurring late fees must pay those from their own funds. The INL does not pay late fees.


For assistance from the INL, please contact Rose Wold at (208) 526-0318 or email: rosalyn.wold@inl.gov.

For assistance from the University of Idaho please contact Student Services at (208) 282-7900.