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Center for Advanced Energy Studies

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CAES Center for Advanced Energy Studies

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Academic Advising Services

We are here to assist you with meeting your academic goals whether that means that you wish to earn a bachelor’s or an advanced degree, complete a specialized certificate, or gain more or updated professional expertise in your field.

Full degree programs are available in Idaho Falls in a variety of majors. An advisor can help you select the major that is right for your career and life goals. Undergraduates are required to meet with an advisor before each fall and spring semester.

If you are planning to take a semester or two in Idaho Falls before moving to Moscow, we can help you find classes that will fulfill your general education requirements and possibly some major requirements.

Need Help?

Student Services Office – 208-282-7900

COMPASS Testing – ISU-IF Counseling, Testing and Career Services – 208-282-7750

Undergraduate Advising –Debbie Caudle– 208-282-7983

Graduate Advising – contact the local coordinator or a faculty member associated with your field.