Robert W. Smith, Ph.D.
Assoc. Vice-President
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University of Idaho
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Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Center for Advanced Energy Studies

995 University Boulevard
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
CAES Center for Advanced Energy Studies

Idaho Falls

Phone: 208-282-7900
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1776 Science Center Drive, Suite 306
Idaho Falls, ID 83402



CAES is engaging in fundamental and applied research that contributes to the

  • Expansion of energy production from high-capacity, reduced-carbon sources, including support for a national renaissance in commercial nuclear power.
  • Management of fossil fuel energy systems and emitted carbon through reuse, capture and storage, while responsibly expanding use of regionally abundant coal and unconventional hydrocarbon resources
  • Availability of carbon-neutral energy, such as biofuels, to support the expansion of renewable energy sources for transportation
  • Stewardship of the environment during energy production, distribution and consumption to increase understanding of key issues (e.g., water resource quality and availability, impact on public and private land, and continued economic growth in the arid West).