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Center for Advanced Energy Studies

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Idaho Falls, ID 83401
CAES Center for Advanced Energy Studies

Idaho Falls

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Center for Advanced Energy Studies

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The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) is a public/private partnership between the State of Idaho through its academic research institutions, Boise State University (BSU), Idaho State University (ISU), the University of Idaho (UI), and the federal government through the Department of Energy and its Idaho National Laboratory (INL), which is managed by a private entity, Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA). Through its collaborative structure, CAES combines the efforts of these four research institutions to provide timely research support on both technical and policy issues.

CAES partners leverage their resources, capabilities, and expertise in collaboration with others to provide:

Research  – Deliver innovative, cost-effective, credible research that meets the demands of a carbon-constrained world.

Education  – Educate the next generation of energy scientists, policy makers and the public while accepting and leveraging the values of those groups.

Policy  – Facilitate an informed dialogue involving the scientific community, the public, and government; leading to energy policy at a national, regional and State level.