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Environmental Science

The quality of life in tomorrow’s world hinges on our ability to resolve complex environmental issues. You can make a difference in that world with a bachelor's degree in environmental science. The University of Idaho Environmental Science Program integrates many areas of science – including biology, engineering, chemistry, ecology, sociology, political science and economics.

The B.S. Environmental Science program offers the following options:

  • Biological Science: For careers in resource management, bioremediation and environmental impact analysis. Includes courses in plant, animal and aquatic ecology, resource conservation and management, environmental regulation, technical procedures such as remote sensing and environmental chemistry.
  • Physical Science: For professions in air, soil and water pollution abatement, hazardous waste management, waste minimization and ecological restoration. Includes courses in hydrology, chemistry, hazardous waste, geology, soil science, ecology, economics and management, mathematics and statistics.
  • Social Science: For careers in environmental regulation, public policy, land use planning and/or environmental administration. Also excellent preparation for a pre-law program in environmental law. Includes courses in business, economics, conflict resolution, law and regulation, management, political science, sociology, history and philosophy.

You’ll study areas of soil, engineering, biology, ecology, geography, political science, sociology, economics, chemistry and hydrology. You'll gain a big picture perspective and cross-functional training you need to develop real solutions to local, national and global environmental problems.

Hands-on research opportunities include the Research Experiences for Undergraduate Program (REU), sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

The B.S. Environmental Science is offered at the main campus in Moscow. Students in Coeur d’Alene and Idaho Falls can complete the degree through live classes and Web courses.


Dakins, Maxine, Ph.D., Faculty, Environmental Science
phone: (208) 282-7957
Caudle, Debbie, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
phone: (208) 282-7983

Academic Advisors

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