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CAES Center for Advanced Energy Studies

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Nuclear Engineering

The University of Idaho (UI), College of Engineering, offers graduate degree programs in nuclear engineering. The programs prepare students for productive careers in research, industry or academia. Areas of specialization include nuclear fuel processing, materials, radioactive waste treatment and management, thermal behavior & measurement, nuclear systems design and modeling, and applications of nuclear process heat.

The goal of degree programs is to provide superior education opportunities for engineers and scientists in nuclear engineering and to prepare them for successful careers in research, industry, government, and education. In partnership with the Idaho National laboratory (INL), Idaho State University (ISU) and Boise State University (BSU); a broad spectrum of courses, faculty expertise and facilities are available to the student.

Nuclear energy is the largest source of emission-free energy in North America. Nuclear power plants produce no greenhouse gases or controlled air pollutants such as sulfur and particulates. The use of nuclear energy in place of other energy sources helps to keep the air clean, preserve the Earth's climate, avoid ground-level ozone formation and prevent acid rain.

A critical shortage of nuclear engineers is being realized in the United States. Recent interest in enhancing pollution-free nuclear power for electricity, hydrogen production, industrial and medical applications, and national security; coupled with retirements in an aging nuclear workforce, are fueling the shortage.

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