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Natural Resources

A Master of Natural Resources (M.N.R) from the University of Idaho prepares you to address global environmental concerns we face every day. Our breadth of curriculum will give you an understanding of ecological principles and the ability to analyze and interpret ecological conditions. You’ll also have the analytical and problem-solving skills needed to predict the consequences of natural resource management decisions. With an ecological background, you’ll understand the role that public and private organizations play in influencing policy, issues and standards involved in the management of natural resources.

The M.N.R. program gives you the flexibility to build a customized study plan in collaboration with your major professor. You may take courses in an area in which you want more depth as part of the program's free electives, in additon to the program's breadth coursework. For complete details about the program and applying for it, click here: MNR Program Web site.

For a list of the required coursework, click here: M.N.R. class checklist.

Other options for the M.N.R. program include various certificate programs, which will expose you to concepts and tools used in restoration ecology efforts, fire ecology and management techniques, and environmental education:

The University of Idaho M.N.R. curriculum will give you a comprehensive understanding of a number of important issues that collectively make up the field of modern natural resources. Your classes are divided into four areas of emphasis:

  • Planning and law
  • Ecology and management of natural resources
  • Human dimensions
  • Tools and technology

With exposure to common tools and technology used in the field today, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and statistical ecology and analysis, you’ll gain a better understanding of different career tracks where you can apply your degree after graduation.

In contrast to the Master of Science (M.S.) and doctorate (Ph.D.) programs that emphasize in-depth research, our M.N.R. program gives you an understanding of a range of topics related to natural resources. The program is taught through traditional class lectures and online courses and includes participation in individual and group projects. You’ll also be required to take two credits of colloquia by participating in a conference or workshop focused on current natural resource issues.

Before graduation, you’ll also be required to prepare a final oral presentation focused on a current environmental management topic that interests you.

College of Natural Resources
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