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Geological Sciences

Located in the Rocky Mountain West, the University of Idaho is an optimal place to earn a Master of Science (M.S.) or Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Geology. The terrain of the region is extremely diverse, giving you plenty of opportunities to conduct research and analyze processes that are most relevant to pressing geological challenges, such as erosion, climate change and the sustainable use of land.

In addition, our medium-sized program is home to internationally recognized faculty who are praised for their teaching and research expertise. With a faculty of this high caliber, you can be confident knowing you’ll receive personalized attention along with access to ample research opportunities and the sophisticated technology used to study geological processes.

Depending on your research interest area, you will be assigned a faculty member to act as your adviser. This faculty member will help formulate a study plan designed specifically to meet your goals and to guide you through the thesis process. As a graduate student, you’ll receive training in both theory and modern field observation strategies. These hands-on research efforts, along with your traditional course work, will teach you about a wide range of geology topics, such as petrology, structural geology, engineering geology, geohydrology, geochemistry, tectonics and much more.

Group projects and research opportunities with faculty, local businesses and government agencies will give you experience you can apply immediately on the job.

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