Idaho Falls FAQs

  • Who do I call for academic advising or departmental inquiries?
    Check out our list of our Academic Advisers and Major Professors.
  • How do I apply?
    Students are encouraged to apply online. Printable applications are also available here.
  • How does the billing process work?
    1. New students receive a paper fee statement mailed to their current address. Continuing students receive a fee statement electronically. If you need additional statements, go to online billing/fee statement by logging on to VandalWeb.
    2. All financial aid recipients receive a fee statement electronically.
    3. We do not print bills locally for individual students.
    4. Questions? Contact Student Accounts at (208) 885-7447.
  • Who do I talk to about a Directed Study?

    For Directed Study inquiries, please speak directly with an advisor from your program.

  • What is the process for paying fees?
    Information about the fee schedule can be found here.
  • How do I Register for classes?
    Click here for information on class registration.
  • Is there a Senior Citizen Discount?

    Students age 60 or above can qualify for a senior citizen discount ($20 registration fee plus $5 per credit).

  • Where do I get my textbooks?
    Click here for more information on getting textbooks for classes.
  • How do I get a Vandal Card?
    Click Here for information on obtaining a Vandal Card.