University Honors Program
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University of Idaho
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Honors Faculty

Janice Capel Anderson
Janice Capel Anderson
Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Janice Anderson is a professor at the University of Idaho and her areas of research & teaching are: Early Christianity, Biblical Judaism, Ethics, Philosophy and Feminism.
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Dr. Eric Aston, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
D. Eric Aston, Ph.D.
Interim Chair
BEL 301 | 208-885-6953
After joining the Chemical Engineering faculty at the University of Idaho in the summer of 2001, Dr. Eric Aston branched out into various areas of colloids, thin films, polymeric and magnetic materials, nanotechnology and nanomechanics using atomic force microscopy (AFM), Langmuir-Blodgett deposition, and other complimentary techniques.
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Anna Banks
Anna Banks
Associate Professor
Anna Banks teaches film studies, film theory and criticism, and literature and film.
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Dr. Thomas E. Bitterwolf
Thomas E. Bitterwolf, Ph.D.
Renfrew 319 | 885-6361
Research: The synthesis and chemistry of homo and hetero-bimetallic compounds; synthesis and chemistry of Group V cyclopentadienyl metal carbonyl compounds; photochemistry of organometallic compounds.
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Daniel Bukvich
Daniel Bukvich, M.M.
Professor of Percussion and Theory and Director of Jazz Choir
Daniel Bukvich joined the faculty of the Lionel Hampton School of Music at the University of Idaho in 1977. His teaching duties include the percussion studio, First Year Music Theory and Aural Skills and Jazz Choirs.
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John Byers
John A. Byers, Ph.D.
I am an animal behaviorist primarily interested in behavioral development, play, sexual selection and female mate choice. I am a member and Fellow of the Animal Behavior Society. I maintain a longitudinal study of a population of pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) on the National Bison Range in western Montana. Projects now underway in this study, which has run since 1981, are measurement of costs and benefits of female mate choice and evaluation of the fitness consequences of inbreeding in the population.
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Ian Chambers
Ian Chambers, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Ian Chambers is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History, and a faculty member of American Indian Studies, American Studies, and Women Studies programs.
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Thomas Drake
Thomas Drake
Thomas Drake teaches literature, composition, business writing, and Integrated Seminar classes.
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Stephan Flores
Stephan Flores
Associate Professor
Stephan Flores teaches critical theory and British literature.
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Rodney Frey
Rodney Frey, Ph.D.
Director of General Education, Professor of Ethnography
Rodney Frey is a Professor of Ethnography. Over the last 38 years he has been associated with and conducting various applied, collaborative projects with the Apsáalooke (Crow) of Montana, the Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d'Alene) and Nimíipuu (Nez Perce) of Idaho, and the Confederated Warm Springs Tribes of Oregon.
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Dennis Geist
Dennis J. Geist, Ph.D.
Professor - Igneous Petrology, Volcanology
Research Interests: Volcanology of the Galapagos Islands, Northern Andes, Snake River Plain, Iceland, and Antarctica; Geology and island biodiversity
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Dale Graden
Dale Graden, Ph.D.
Dale Graden is a full professor of history. His research interests are Latin America, film history, the transtlantic slave trade and international street art.
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Walter Hesford
Walter Hesford
Associate Professor
Walter Hesford teaches American literature and the Bible as literature.
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Simon Kattenhorn
Simon A. Kattenhorn, Ph.D.
Professor - Geomechanics, Structural Geology, Planetary Geology
Research Interests: Fault and fracture mechanics; Tectonics of oblique spreading ridges; Planetary geology; Tectonic-magmatic interaction
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Ellen Kittell
Ellen Kittell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ellen Kittell is an associate professor of history. Her research interests are Pre-modern Europe (medieval, Renaissance, Reformation), Women's history, social and legal history of Europe.
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Annie Lampman
Annie Lampman
Annie Lampman teaches composition, fiction and nonfiction writing.
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Mark Nielsen
Mark J. Nielsen, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of College of Science and Professor of Mathematics
Research Interests: Discrete and combinatorial geometry. Problems of particular interest to me involve colorings of the plane, inscribing figures, and combinatorial questions about finite point configurations.
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Sean Quinlan
Sean Quinlan, Ph.D.
Sean Quinlan is the Chair of the History Department He is a full professor of history. His research areas are eighteenth-century studies, science and medicine in Europe, gender and sexuality in the west, European cultural and intellectual history, 1650–present, modern France.
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James Reid
James Reid, M.M.
Professor of Guitar and Music History
Mr. Reid joined the faculty of the Lionel Hampton School of Music at the University of Idaho in 1978. His teaching duties include the guitar studio and History of Rock and Roll.
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Sandra Reineke
Sandra Reineke, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science
Sandra Reineke is an associate professor of political Science and is the coordinator of the Women's Studies program at the University of Idaho. Her areas of interest include political philosophy, international relations, democratic theory and citizenship, bioethics, and human rights.
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Bill Smith
Bill Smith, Ph.D.
Director Martin Institute and Program in International Studies
Dr. Smith has been with the Martin Institute since August, 2000, following completion of a doctorate of history at Washington State University. His work with the Program in International Studies requires some degree of expertise with the entire world, and particularly international systems. He has lived in Mexico, Spain and Portugal. His teaching at the University of Idaho focuses on sport and international affairs, international policy-making and the United Nations, and he is working on a book about the role of soccer in the Argentine military dictatorship of 1976-82. Research interests include the role of soccer in the international sphere, social revolution in Latin America, and the U.N. system.
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Richard Spence
Richard Spence, Ph.D.
Dr. Richard “Rick” Spence is a full Professor of History. He specializes in Russian, intelligence and military history, and his course offerings include Modern Espionage, Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, History of Secret Societies and the Occult in History.
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Mark Warner
Mark Warner
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Mark Warner is an historical archaeologist who has worked in many parts of the U.S. His principal interests lie in zooarchaeolgy/foodways and the archaeology of the disenfranchised.
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Alan Whitlock
Alan Whitlock, Ph.D.
Instructor Emeritus, Private Practice Therapist, Licensed Psychologist
Alan Whitlock's research interests are social psychology, personality, applied behavioral analysis, group therapy, and peer counseling.
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Gary Williams
Gary Williams
Gary Williams teaches American literature and interdisciplinary general education courses.
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Pingchao Zhu
Pingchao Zhu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Pingchao Zhu is an associate professor in the Department of History. She earned her Ph.D. in History from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. She specializes in East Asian History, U.S.- China relations, and U.S. Diplomatic History.
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