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Previous Program Requirements

Program requirements for students enrolled prior to fall 2021

An active member in good standing in the University Honors Program must maintain a U of I 3.3 cumulative GPA and must complete:

  • 6 graded honors credits by the end of the second semester
  • 9 graded honors credits by the end of the fourth semester
  • 12 graded honors credits by the end of the sixth semester
  • 14 graded honors credits by the end of the eighth semester in residence on the Moscow campus

Students may substitute 3 to 6 Honors academic or experiential points for Honors course credits when completing either an Honors Core or Honors Scholars Award. Semesters that students spend studying abroad or on domestic exchange are not counted against the determination of membership.

Students who do not meet the minimum GPA and/or credit requirements for program membership are automatically placed on probation for one semester and then become an "inactive" member.

“Inactive” Honors students, with a 3.3 GPA, are welcome to renew their Honors Program membership and to enroll in future honors courses by visiting the Current Students page and completing the requested information. No essay is required to renew membership.

“Inactive” Honors students may also request to remain on the honors email list by contacting

Levels of Distinction

Beginning Summer 2017, honors students may choose to work toward three distinction level: the Honors Core Award, the Honors Scholar Award and the Honors Scholar Award with Distinction.*

Upon completion of these distinction levels, students are recognized at our annual University Honors Program Graduation Celebration the day before University Commencement.

The requirements for each of the distinctions are summarized here:

   "Honors Core Award" "Honors Scholar Award" "Honors Scholar Award with Distinction"
Credit Hours Required: 19 27 27 and thesis
GPA Required: 3.0 Honors GPA and 3.3 UI Cumulative GPA 3.0 Honors GPA and 3.3 UI Cumulative GPA 3.0 Honors GPA and 3.3 UI Cumulative GPA
Course Contract Credits allowed up to 9 credits up to 12 credits up to 12 credits
300-400 level honors course work n/a at least 6 course credits at least 6 course credits
Academic and/or experiential point substitution allowed up to 3 points up to 6 points up to 6 points

*Honors students who entered the program prior to the summer 2017 curriculum change may contact the program director for information on how to meet these new distinction levels, if they so choose.

Physical Address:
Idaho Student Union Building
Room 315
875 Perimeter Dr.
MS 2533