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Honors Program Courses Fall 2023

Fall 2023

Apparel Technology - CRN:45486, Sec:02
Lori A. Wahl | MW 1:30 - 3:20 p.m. | Location: 201 Niccolls Building

Introduction to e-Textiles, laser cutting and 3D printing in an apparel or wearable context. Students will learn how to design within each technology and produce prototypes for evaluation.
3 Credits. Limited to students in the Honors Program.

Cross or Joint Listed: 45374 ATD 339


General Chemistry I - CRN: 10726, Sec: 30
Jeffrey Cross | MWF 9:30-10:20a | Location: 111 Renfrew Hall

Full credit may be earned in only one of the following: CHEM 101, or CHEM 111. Note that grades in CHEM 111 will supersede any grades earned in CHEM 101. Intensive treatment of principles and applications of chemistry. Recommended Preparation: A grade of 'B' or better in a high school chemistry course.

Prereqs: Minimum 580 SAT Math or minimum 25 ACT Math , or minimum 46 ALEKS; or a grade of 'C' or better in CHEM 101, MATH 143, MATH 160, or MATH 170; or Permission Coreqs: CHEM 111L

* Please note there is no Honors CHEM 111L (lab) section

Fundamentals of Oral Communication - CRN 20981, Sec: 13
Diane Carter | MW 1:30-2:20p | Location: TLC 245

Skills and techniques of effective speaking

Computer Science I - CRN: 27736, Sec: 01
Terence Soule | MTWF 10:30-11:20a | Location: 112 Renfrew Hall

Fundamental programming constructs, algorithms and problem-solving, fundamental data structures, overview of programming languages, virtual machines, introduction to language translation, declarations and types, abstraction mechanisms, object-oriented programming. This course includes a lab.

Prereqs: MATH 143 with a grade of ‘C’ or higher or CS 112 with a grade of ‘C’ or higher; or sufficiently high ACT, SAT, or Math Placement Test score to qualify for MATH 170

Writing and Rhetoric II - CRN: 15913, Sec: 03
TBD | MWF 10:30-11:20a | Location: TLC 144

Applied principles of expository and argumentative essay writing, including summaries, critiques, and syntheses of texts, and the research essay; emphasis on clear, concise, and vigorous prose. Graded A/B/C/N (repeat)/F.

Prereqs: ENGL 101 or Equivalent

Personal & Explanatory Writing - CRN: 15853, Sec: 02
Oscar Oswald | TR 3:30-4:45p | Location: TLC 144

Intermediate course in the practices of personal and exploratory writing; may include personal narrative and observation, autobiography, or extended reflection; special attention to prose style and voice; includes research-based writing.

Prereqs: ENGL 102 or Equivalent

Survey of British Literature I - CRN: 42132, Sec: 01
Tom Drake | MWF 11:30a-12:20p | Location: Art & Architecture South 103

Medieval, Renaissance, 17th Century, Restoration, and 18th Century Literature.

Prereqs or Coreqs: ENGL 102

Technical Writing - CRN 15840, Sec: 02
Karen Thompson | Online | Location: Online

Principles and practice of effective technical communication. Projects teach conventions of tone and style appropriate to the specific discourse situation in a variety of formats, including oral, written, visual, and multimedia genres.

Prereqs: ENGL 102 or Equivalent; Sophomore standing

Engineering Statics - CRN: 44555, Sec: 04
JJ Petersen | MWF 10:30-11:20a | Location: Engineering/Phys Bldg 209

Principles of statics with engineering applications; addition and resolution of forces, vector algebra, moments and couples, resultants and static equilibrium, equivalent force systems, centroids, center of gravity, free body method of analysis, two and three dimensional equilibrium, trusses, frames, and friction. Cooperative: open to WSU degree-seeking students.

Prereqs: MATH 170.

Engineering Fluid Mechanics - CRN: 45095, Sec 03
Tao Xing | MWF 11:30a-12:20p | Location: 026 Janssen Engr Bldg

Physical properties of fluids; fluid statics; continuity, energy, momentum relationships; laminar and turbulent flow; boundary layer effects; flow in pipes, open channels, and around objects. Cooperative: open to WSU degree-seeking students.

Prereqs: ENGR 210, MATH 275

World History I - CRN: 45140, Sec: 02
Alison Roy | MWF 10:30-11:20a | Location: TBD

Contributions to the modern world, to 1650.

Academic Engagement - CRN: 45118, Sec: 01
Erin Damman, Mary Tkach | W 4:00-5:30p | Location: 125 Renfrew Hall
8 WEEK COURSE, AUG 21 - OCT 13, 2023

This course for new first-year and transfer honors students introduces students to the Honors Program community and prepares them for the academic expectations of the program. This course is required and provides new students with an opportunity to think about their expectations and the goals surrounding their college education and introduces them to academic and co-curricular resources available at the university.

Typically Offered: Fall.

Honors Presentations - CRN 44307, Sec: 01
Sandra Reineke | Meeting time: TBD | Location: TBD

This University Honors Program course is designed for honors students who are actively working towards completing an honors thesis or honors portfolio by the time they graduate from the university and the honors program with an undergraduate degree. The course is intended to assist students with the final assignment of their honors thesis or honors portfolio, i. e. the public presentation of their thesis or portfolio work at the bi-annual Honors Forum in either December or May each year.

Honors Thesis or Portfolios - CRN: 42277, Sec: 01
Sandra Reineke | Meeting time: TBD | Location: TBD

This University Honors Program course is designed for honors students who are actively working towards completing an honors thesis or an honors portfolio by the time they graduate from the university and complete the honors program. After researching and writing their honors thesis or completing their honors professional portfolio, students are expected to enroll in INTR 440 Honors Presentations, usually during their last semester at the University of Idaho when they present their findings at the public Honors Forum in either December or May each year.

The United Nations - CRN: 39998, Sec 02
Bill Smith | MWF 8:30-9:20a | Location: 227 Administration Bldg

Overview of principle UN agencies and current UN activities; emphasis on written and oral presentations through resolution and position paper writing, negotiations, and small group discussions. (Fall only)

Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics - CRN: 43622, Sec: 02
Dan Cordon | MWF 12:30-1:20p | Location: 209 McClure Hall

Thermodynamic properties of substances, first and second laws of thermodynamics, thermodynamic analysis of mechanical engineering thermal components and cycles, psychrometric process, and introduction to combustion systems. (Fall only)

Joint listed with 36128 ME 322

Prereqs: CHEM 111/CHEM 111L and PHYS 211/PHYS 211L

Intermediate Mechanics of Materials - CRN: 43712, Sec: 02
Gabriel Potirniche | MWF 9:30-10:20a | Location: 277 Life Sciences South

Mechanics of materials approach to: three-dimensional stress and strain, unsymmetrical bending, shear centers, curved beams, thick-walled pressure vessels, non-circular torsion; energy methods and advanced strength theories. Introduction to elementary kinematics. Significant use of solid modeling and use of equation solvers.

Prereqs: ME 301 and Certification

Coreqs: MSE 201

Heat Transfer - CRN 44567, Sec: 02
Dan Cordon | MWF 1:30-2:20p | Location: 214 Engineering/Phys Bldg

Transmission by conduction of heat in steady and unsteady states, by free and forced convection, and by radiation; combined effects of conduction, convection, and radiation.

Joint listed with 37201 ME 345

Prereqs: ME 322 and MATH 310

Coreqs: ENGR 335

Introduction to Ethics - CRN: 15554, Sec: 08
Casey Johnson | MWF 9:30-10:20a | Location: 227 Administration Bldg

Introduction to philosophical reasoning through historical study of moral thought.

Introduction to International Politics - CRN: 44552, Sec 03
Chen Wang | MWF 2:30-3:20p | Location: 006 Niccolls Bldg

Survey of approaches used to describe and explain conflict and cooperation among states in the international system; special emphasis on games of strategic interaction.

Introduction to Psychology - CRN: 15581, Sec: 01
TBD | TR 11:00a-12:15p | Location: TLC 222

Intro to psychology topics, including sensation and perception, learning and thinking, motivation, personality and adjustment, social processes, psychological testing; emphasis on fundamental principles.

Statistical Methods - CRN: 38408, Sec: 05
Renee Shrum | MWF 8:30-9:20a (TLC 040) & W 12:30-1:20p (TLC 137)

Credit will not awarded for STAT 251 after STAT 301 or STAT 416, or for STAT 416 after STAT 251 or STAT 301.

Intro to statistical methods including design of statistical studies, basic sampling methods, descriptive statistics, probability and sampling distributions; inference in surveys and experiments, regression, and analysis of variance. Typically Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer.

Prereqs: MATH 143 (with grade of 'C' or better), MATH 160, MATH 170, or sufficient score on SAT, ACT, or math placement test

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Idaho Student Union Building
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