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Two University Honors Program Students Present at the 2022 Western Regional Honors Council Conference

Two students, accompanied by their faculty mentor, were selected to present their research at the 2022 Western Regional Honors Council conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on April 9, 2022. Melina Liedtke (Ecology and Conservation Biology, CNR) presented a research poster titled “Genetic Monitoring for the Endangered Sonoran Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana sonoriensis).” Dakota Brown (English, CLASS; Secondary Education, CEHHS) presented a research talk titled “Language in the Social Cybersphere.” The two University Honors Program students were accompanied by Dr. Diane Carter, Senior Instructor in Communication and Faculty Fellow for the University Honors Program. Diane mentored both students throughout the conference, including presentation preparation.

This annual trip by honors students with their faculty mentor showcases original undergraduate research and offers students an opportunity to meet and learn with other students and faculty in 13 states. Next year’s 2023 Western Regional Honors Council conference will be hosted at the University of Montana.

Article by Emma Hofmaister, University Honors Program Administrative Coordinator.

Photography by Diane Carter, University Honors Program Faculty Fellow.

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