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Perspectives & Quotes

"The University Honors Program has been the defining experience of my college career. Through classes, the Honors Student Advisory Board, Quest Mentoring, and more, I've learned about who I am and how the world works. I feel like my education has been well-rounded because of the UHP, and I know that I met some of my best friends because of the program."

Emily Kay Brookhart '12  [Recipient of Lindley Award for the Outstanding Graduating Senior in the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences]
English/International Studies
Idaho Falls, Idaho

"The trips were the best because they provided an opportunity to get out of Moscow and explore another city with our peers. The fact that they were cheap was another huge plus. I loved the free tickets for movies and chamber music. UHP strengths: The small classroom sizes, the opportunity to conduct research in class, teachers that really care about their students and the course material, and the emphasis on discussion amongst peers in the classroom. All of my instructors were amazing. Instructors truly cared about their students. They wanted to involve us and transfer the passion they had for their subject to us. They fostered an environment of mutual learning where we learned from our peers as well as the professor, and they were open to learning from us. It allowed me to actively take part in my education and to collaborate with wonderful professors. I loved being in classes where the students were motivated to learn and willing to express their ideas. Being a part of the UHP allowed me to have more of a small liberal arts education at a large public university."

Diana Duncan '08
Interdisciplinary Studies
Tekoa, Washington

"My four years in the Honors Program were absolutely transformative. I received an education from inspired, challenging, and caring teachers in a variety of fields—the kind of undergraduate education that would be hard to surpass anywhere. To a large extent, my decision to become a professor has been an attempt to pass on a part of the thrill of learning I experienced in the Honors Program at Idaho.”

Dr. Gregory Eiselein
English and History, Professor and Coffman Distinguished Teaching Scholar
Kansas State University

"The Honors Program provides exciting classes, good friends and great fun; it's what makes a state university education the equal of any in the nation."

Bryan Fullerton
Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Moscow, Idaho

"The UHP gave me the opportunity to learn about ideas far beyond my declared major from blood sucking bugs to the state of modern Africa. I'm grateful for the diversion and for the chance to broaden my horizons with students who are prepared and like to engage and professors who really push you to think in new ways and spaces."

Melinda Giacalone '07
Public Relations
San Francisco, CA

"I can't ever describe how thankful I was for the scholarship I got through the Honors Program--it might not have been possible for me to go to college without it. It was also great to be in classes full of other serious students who really wanted to be there. I really enjoyed all of my Honors classes."

Tertia Gillett '08
Lewistown, Montana

"The best class that I took at this university was an honors seminar on the Geography of Conflict. I see the world differently because of this class. It was a great experience."

Meagan Rose Gleckler '07
Soil & Land Resources
Malad, Idaho

"The UHP provides personal attention, small class sizes, outstanding professors and UHP staff. Every class exceeded my expectations: passionate faculty and interesting course topics made the difference. The UHP really influenced my growth at the University of Idaho. From the very beginning, it connected me with like-minded students who wanted to make a difference and classrooms full of people who can't be anything but interesting. The program also served as a great introduction into University life and helped develop my academic and study habits through challenging and reflective material and assignments. I was challenged to think critically, listen, participate and engage. That's what college is all about, right?"

Steve Hanna '11 [author of forthcoming book A Home Called Your Own, Riverview Press, 2012]
English-Professional Emph., Foreign Languages-Spanish Opt.
Baker City, Oregon

"The UHP offers a wonderful community within the university in which to make personal connections and develop socially. It also offers great leadership opportunities through the advisory board, committee membership, and volunteer coordination. Finally, the classes offered by the UHP allow for expanded critical thinking, greater interaction with one's peers and professors, and give unique opportunities to explore interesting topics in various disciplines."

Meaghan Elisabeth Jones '12 [Boston University School of Medicine's program in Forensic Anthropology]
Anthropology, Chemistry
Nampa, Idaho

"Before I decided to attend the University of Idaho, I saw a quote about the University of Idaho's Honors Program in a book at the local library about the best US colleges. It said that the University of Idaho's Honors Program provided an Ivy League education at a state school price. After my four years of participation in the University Honors Program, I can say that book did not let me down. The education, volunteerism, and leadership opportunities made available by UHP are worth far more than the tuition I've paid to be at the University of Idaho. And most important, UHP has provided me with relationships and mentorships that cannot be quantified in their worth. Ivy League education at a state school price? Yes and so much more."

M. Kehrein '12 [recipient of Theophilus Award as outstanding senior at the UI]
Sociology--Inequalities and Globalization
Dixon, California

"My honors program courses were instrumental in preparing me for graduate school and, looking back, they provided some of the most engaging and exciting experiences during my time at the University of Idaho. Thank you for providing a program that facilitated and encouraged my desire to learn for learning's sake."

Peter Leman, Ph.D (doctoral work completed at University of California-Irvine, currently an Assistant Professor of English at Brigham Young University]
Javits Scholar, English
Provo, UT

"I think UHP and the teachers of the honors courses are absolutely amazing! All of my honors courses were awesome. I expected a small/intimate setting with lots of interaction and discussion. ALL of my honors courses fit this! Honors faculty were excellent in facilitating group discussions—my UHP courses have been some of the most fulfilling and memorable courses."

Melinda J. Lewis '11
Clothing, Textiles, and Design/Communication Studies
Oreana, Idaho

"I have become a member of a community that values learning. The University Honors Program has raised my awareness of intellectual discourse, expanded my academic interests, and motivated me to pursue my studies with greater vigor."

Jessica Lipschultz
Jack Kent Cooke Scholar, English and American Studies [graduate degree from Stanford University]
Boise, Idaho

"Great teachers, interesting and unique classes, a well-rounded interdisciplinary approach to learning--I feel like I was given more personal attention through smaller class sizes and professors taking interest in my progress. I would recommend the Honors Program to others; I feel my time was well spent."

Anna Makowski '08 [University of Oregon Law School, J.D. candidate 2013]
Foreign Languages-Spanish, and Political Science, Fulbright Scholar
Beaverton, Oregon

“I have loved being a member of the UHP. My classes have been outstanding and I really enjoyed the focus on discussion.”

Christine Meyling '07
Economics, New Plymouth

“I loved each honors class that I took and I learned so much from the men and women who taught them. I benefited greatly from the UHP and I cannot imagine my undergraduate experience without these courses.”

Kelsey Nunez
Biology (UI)/JD '07 (Pepperdine University)
Boise, ID

"The Honors Program covered anything I would have ever wanted. The diversity of the students within the classes and the class curricula were amazing. The allowed me to completely step out of classes [in my major] and let me focus attention on subjects that I had never paid any attention to previously. UHP basically taught me how to have a perspective outside of the Engineering World. If it wasn't for UHP, I would never have learned to analyze stories, learn about Africa, or read into Sex and Culture in today's society."

Sarah Oman '08
Mechanical Engineering
Moscow, Idaho

"I would have to give tremendous credit to the honors courses at the University of Idaho . . . they were some of my most challenging courses while I was there and played a large part in where I am now."

Susan Bruns Rowe
Rhodes Scholar, Finance
Eden, Idaho

"My experiences with the University of Idaho Honors Program have been overwhelmingly positive. From the beginning, honors classes helped me develop critical thinking and writing skills that I now find invaluable in my senior English classes. I also appreciate the broader focus that honors courses have given me. I have been introduced to the history of chemistry, the philosophy underlying math, and the cultural ramifications of "Women in Westerns," one of my upper-division honors seminars. In addition to these unique perspectives not found in the mainstream curriculum, honors program courses and events such as theatre trips and foreign film nights have given me the chance to meet an amazing and diverse group of people. In general, the professors in the program are much more involved with students and genuinely care about our success, while the students enrich class discussions with their wide variety of interests and backgrounds."

Sarah M. Thompson
English and Spanish
Rigby, Idaho

"I feel during my years in college, UHP has helped me to learn and think more about different ideas and to explore deeper into a subject to find the end result, if one exists."

Jarod Breshears '08
Music: Composition, and Radio/TV/Digital Media Production
Colfax, Washington

"Education: The UHP opened my eyes to more diverse subject areas. Growth: Working with intelligent and motivated classmates pushes one’s abilities. This is what I found in the Honors program. Abilities: I feel that my critical thinking skills were enhanced. Opportunities: Connections made with honors faculty, staff, and students have helped shape the direction of my life currently."

Chris Chandler '08, Goldwater Scholar
Absarokee, Montana, Food/Nutrition-Dietetics Option, Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar
South Africa

“I really enjoyed my classes in the Honors Program. The faculty was truly interested in helping me to excel in their class and they were always available if I had questions. I enjoyed the special classes on up to date topics and the many discussions in which I was able to hear a lot of my fellow students’ views. I liked that I had many of the same people in classes more than once outside of my major. We all were taking classes that benefited from a diverse group of people.”

Bret Cocking '06
History, Visual Communication
Colfax, WA

"For me, the Honors Program offers a diverse family of friends who share in common goals and attitudes and who really care about me as a person."

Betsy DeHaas
Secondary Education/English
Grangeville, Idaho

"I think that it's great for UHP to provide vouchers for the music series; I always enjoyed the enriching performances and felt like more of a member of the community afterwards. One major strength of the curriculum is that it provides an "overall education" - one that a student would not receive taking just classes in his/her major. I will graduate with a civil engineering degree, but I credit some of my honors classes (such as Contemporary American Experience, Philosophy, Economics, and Geography of Conflict) for preparing me to be a citizen of the world. My honors classes had excellent discussions, smaller class sizes, and enthusiastic professors... all aspects that aided in my thinking and learning. I have especially enjoyed my upper division seminar, which I feel has educated me a great deal about our battling world and how it came to be. I was grateful for the opportunity to be involved in creative thinking NOT involving math and science. The UHP experience has made me a more well-rounded world citizen, and that knowledge provides me confidence for future opportunities in my field and the world."

Zach Dobroth '08
Civil Engineering
Eagle, Idaho

"Through the honors program, I was able to deviate from the math, physics and chemistry of my engineering curriculum and develop, to my pleasant surprise, an appreciation of English and economics."

Loren Euhus
Chemical Engineering
Springfield, Oregon

"My honors teachers were fabulous. They all seemed to highly enjoy the opportunity to teach an honors class and to tailor their curriculum to our needs. Being able to take classes on unusual/complex topics was an enormously valuable experience."

Kelsie J. Evans '11
North Bend, Wash.

"The University of Idaho Honors Program offers a challenging and mind-expanding experience with some of UI's best faculty. The activities offered through the program have enhanced my academic and personal experience and as a graduating senior I'm appreciative of the opportunities the program offered me over the course of pursuing my degrees in Finance and Foreign Language."

Kimberly Farnen '07 [consultant at McKinsey & Co.]
Finance and Foreign Language
Detroit, MI

"The Honors Program has given me opportunities to step out of the box and take classes that broaden my knowledge outside of my Major Curriculum. The strengths of the UHP curriculum is that it enhanced my presentation skills when it comes to Semester Projects. It is also gave me practice in writing when it comes to essays."

Jeah Flores '08
Gooding, Idaho

"Do you want to be a leader throughout your life? Do you want to make lifelong friendships with students and professors alike? And do you want the best possible education at the University of Idaho? The Honors Program makes these sometimes cliche questions become a reality. The opportunities for leadership are at your fingers, the professors make great friends and challenge you to think, and the courses provide an array of topics that any student from any discipline can enjoy."

Dr. Luke Grauke, Goldwater Scholar
Spokane, WA

"In my honors classes, learning became an active process. The teacher doesn't just tell the students what's going on; instead, the discussion by the students brings the topic to light."

Loren Haefer
Boise, Idaho

“My expectations of the UHP were not only met, I would even have to say they were exceeded! Not only did I find better learning experiences, but also enjoyed social, recreational, and leadership activities.”/p>

Tim Hagen
Computer Science
Pullman, WA

“I enjoyed the wide array of honors classes available to me. The honors curriculum is very flexible, broad, and deep. Exciting classes were always offered and I enjoyed taking them. I also liked how the Honors Program wasn't detached from the rest of the university in its own college. The Honors Program opened many opportunities to me that I would not have been aware of otherwise."

Bryan J. Haney, Goldwater Scholar
Chemical Engineering
Eagle, Idaho

I loved the numerous classes I could take and the AMAZING teachers. The UHP has really expanded my mind. I came out of the program a much better person and I'm very thankful that I completed the curriculum. The end result was exactly what college is meant to do: the program broadened my mind, got me to think about things I had never thought of and would never have thought of without having taken these classes and met these wonderful teachers and students. I feel like my education is more well-rounded and that I have had one of the most amazing college experiences thanks to the UI Honors Program."

Megan R. Jasper '11
Foreign Languages-Spanish
Moscow, Idaho

"[The UI Honors Program stimulated] me to think about things I wouldn't have considered otherwise in my engineering education. The theater, modern music, extracurricular programs, movie series and other liberal arts have made my life more enjoyable. I find many of my engineering colleagues didn't get the same breadth of education."

Dr. Erika Johnston
Chemical Engineering
Boston, Mass.

"Besides the wonderful trips and extracurricular opportunities, the Honors Program offers stimulating, smaller courses that feature high-caliber professors, some of whom even dress up as Merlin (our own wizard of chemistry!), or bike to school consistently wearing one of 365 bow ties!"

Dawn Kahrs
Music Performance
Wheeler, Oregon

"I thoroughly enjoyed my honors seminar; it was the most creatively effective college course I have experienced, and I am excited about taking another."

Briana Keafer [in Ph.D program at Washington State University]
Forestry and Wildlife Resources, Udall Scholar
McCall, Idaho

"I have learned and grown exponentially in my ability to process and incorporate information into my worldview through honors classes, the amazing teachers, and my fellow classmates. UHP teachers seem extremely dedicated both to their specific disciplines and to their students. As many of my UHP classes had students from a variety of disciplines, I greatly appreciated the care taken by our professors to communicate information to students of all backgrounds. My favorite professors were particularly good at communicating their thoughts, encouraging students to take ownership of the class, and articulating the questions and/or thoughts they wanted us to take away from the class. I still think about the material and the lessons I learned in those classes. I also appreciated the community support that the UHP provides. Lastly, the calibre of students in the UHP has just been stellar, and I have learned a lot from them."

Rebecca Klump '11
Theatre Arts
Anchorage, Alaska

"I enjoyed meeting faculty and students who are intelligent, motivated, and interesting. The honors program helped me to meet many of my friends as well as providing me with high academic standards."

David Korus
Computer Science
Seattle, WA

"An engineer needs to know more than just how to build a bridge or a circuit. The Honors Program has helped me expand my interests and communication skills while learning from top-rated professors in other subject areas as I pursue a degree in Idaho's excellent engineering program."

Thane Liffick
Electrical Engineering
Hailey, Idaho

"I appreciate the Honors Program for many reasons. First, because of freshman orientation, I held a leadership position before college even started. As a result of my involvement in the honors program I received further leadership and campus opportunities that I may not have otherwise. For example, I think I learned about the ASUI volunteer center internship through the Honors Program. I met a lot of amazing students through honors classes and also acquired good friendships with smart people whom I wouldn't have otherwise met. The small classes enabled me to feel very personal with some of the professors, and I owe most of my intellectual growth to my professors."

Katie McGovern '08
History and Philosophy
Ririe, Idaho

“A great program. I felt challenged, but also welcomed, to embrace a broad array of courses that would expand my understanding of the world.”

Scott McNeill '06
Nampa, Idaho

"I feel like the Honors Program has allowed me to explore alternate career choices and made me a "well-rounded citizen." I wrote more essays for honors classes than any of my other courses and definitely improved my ability to argue or outline my stance on a position. It may have brought me out of my shell a bit too."

Elizabeth Myers '08
Animal Science-PreVet
Dalton Gardens, Idaho

“I have loved being a member of the UHP. My classes have been outstanding and I really enjoyed the focus on discussion.”

Christine Meyling '07
New Plymouth, Idaho

"The UI Honors Program taught me to analyze matters critically. Energy law is a fairly technical field, so my exposure to subjects in forest policy, entomology, economics, history, literature, and more, was excellent preparation."

Joe Nelson, J.D.
Washington, D.C.

"The Honors Program has given me the opportunity to expand my interests, develop my beliefs, and enlarge my circle of friends."

Erin Ogden Green
Boise, Idaho

"It is in honors classes that you learn to love to think."

Heather Pennington
Cape Town, South Africa

“Each honors class I took was more enjoyable than any regular lecture class I took. I valued the small class sizes and more relaxed and innovative teaching styles.”

Marissa L. Peterson Caylor, J.D.
Allston, MA

"The UHP offers great classes with amazing teachers. I also used a lot of the free movie vouchers and went to movies I probably wouldn't have had it not been free. I went on a trip to Vancouver, B.C. when I was a freshman which was a lot of fun because I got to meet new students who were also in the program. The Honors Program has provided me with a chance to take classes that contribute to my degree, but are a little more in-depth and challenging. It also gave me a sense of community with fellow students and faculty. A competitive edge on my resume doesn't hurt either."

Emily Pierce '08
Moscow, Idaho

"I loved the cultural enrichment trips (Seattle and Portland). I went to nearly every Chamber Music Concert, several plays, several films, and many of the social events. I thought they were great opportunities to enjoy cultural enrichment and have fun with fellow honors students. The cultural enrichment trips are some of my favorite college memories. UHP strengths: Small classes, incredible faculty, opportunities to interact with other students in the classroom (discussions, debates, presentations) and outside the classroom. Several honors professors all stand out as the faculty who care most about their students inside and outside the classroom, have the most interesting courses, present material in the most engaging way, and make attending U of I a fantastic college experience. Being on the Honors Student Advisory Board for three years has given me an opportunity to get to know the inner workings of the program, taught me something about leadership, and been a really great experience. I loved the opportunities for cultural enrichment. Honors faculty wrote numerous letters of recommendation for medical school applications and other applications and awards. The classes were more than academic endeavors; they were personal experiences in growing, working, and learning. I loved being a part of this program, and I am really going to miss it."

Hannah Qualls '08 [University of Washington School of Medicine]
Moscow, Idaho

"Small class size, great instructors, and awesome subjects—the Honors Program made me think in a way not stimulated by normal courses. "

Allan Ray '08,
Ecology & Conservation Biology
Kimberton, Pennsylvania

"The discipline I chose to study can encourage students to attain a very focused education. The honors program was a great way for me to broaden my studies and get a more rounded education. In addition, the honors program offers more than just a varied and intensive selection of courses beyond the normal University of Idaho curriculum. As an entering foreign student, the program provided social and cultural events, as well as pure encouragement, that I really appreciated during my transition into a new culture."

Luke Raymond
Computer Engineering
Ikelenge, Zambia

“I found the Honors Program to be incredibly beneficial. I made great, lasting friendships. The classes were smaller and it was easier to get to know a professor--the professors' interest in their students made the program all worthwhile.”

Errin Reese
Visual Communication
Idaho Falls, Idaho

"The honors program features excellent teachers who are genuinely interested in the subjects they teach and your progress in them."

Rebecca Roop
Political Science
Cocolalla, Idaho

"I attended a lot of cultural and social events while I still lived on campus, my freshman and sophomore year. After I moved off campus I attended less of them but I still enjoyed going. It was nice to have a group of people that you saw outside of classes even though you didn't live with them and I think these events helped teacher-student relationships as well. I did like the fact that it forced me to take classes outside of those that were required by my major. I think the program helped to round out my education to mix in the social sciences and humanities courses with my hard sciences. I found the concepts, course material and class discussions very interesting and relevant to my overall education, though I hadn't always thought so beforehand, and would recommend honors classes to any one who asked my opinion. The honors program definitely pushed me to expand my thinking. Instead of always being extremely analytical or critical, it was nice to have a change of pace, where the discussions were centered around personal opinions. I came in contact with a wide variety of students, all with different majors and philosophies of life, etc. It was a good learning experience. The courses themselves, I believe, helped round out my education by introducing me to a little more of the world around me outside of numbers and science."

Amaris Rosario '08
Biology and Chemistry-Pre-Medical Option
Eagle River, Alaska

"The teachers are exceptional, and I appreciated the interdisciplinary approach to the honors seminars."

Josh Sementi
Mechanical Engineering
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

"The scholarship was a tremendous help in my undergraduate career. As a result of the scholarship, I was financially able travel to Spain for a semester abroad, expanding my knowledge of foreign cultures, furthering my proficiency in the Spanish language and gaining the ability to work with a diverse group of individuals. I also found the opportunity to explore other disciplines through the Honors Program a very valuable experience. Overall the program provided me with a well-rounded and diverse education."

Jessica Snow '07 [University of Wisconsin Medical Physics Radiation Research Center]
Richland, WA

“I thought all the faculty that taught my [honors] classes were a pleasure to work with and really wanted students to learn. Also the students I took classes with were really interesting to talk to because they didn’t all think alike… Additionally, I think the Honors Program staff is exceptionally capable and always very helpful.”

David Thrasher
Chemical Engineering
Richland, WA

"In the summer before my freshman year at the University of Idaho, I felt swamped with paperwork and consequently did not fill out the Honors Program application. . . [By] the second day of classes, I found the office, filled out the application and was enrolled in the honors section of Chemistry 111 by the second lecture. The class was a blast and the people I met are still some of my greatest friends. I then of course took the honors Chemistry 112 section. I quickly realized that the honors sections of core courses were the way to go if I wanted to be interested and enjoy courses outside of my preferred subjects. As the years went on, I found the staff, professors and students involved in the program a great group of people. I went on those trips and outings that I could fit into my schedule and loved every minute of every one. I eventually decided that sticking with the program and trying for my certificate was a great investment. I had super advising and accomplished something I could be very proud of. My parents enjoyed the Honors Certificate presentation more than the actual graduation ceremony and it was a great time for me to "feel" my accomplishments at the university."

Callie Ann Weiss
Chemistry: Professional/Spanish
Eagle, Idaho

"The caliber of student in Honors Program classes is impressive. When you hold your own with these people, you have a right to feel you've accomplished something."

Peter Woychick
Boise, Idaho

“The small class sizes and quality instructors made courses a dream. The instructors really cared and did what they could for us to succeed.”

Clay Cavanaugh '02
Surprise, AZ