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We invite you to reflect on your honors education and to let us know what you are up to: please send an informal note/update to honors@uidaho.edu

We hope that your response provides a welcome opportunity to reconnect with the honors community. We look forward to your perspectives and appreciate your support for excellence in honors undergraduate education. Let us know about your interest in remaining connected to the program and to its development.

Perspectives and Praise from UHP Alumni

"The University Honors Program has been the defining experience of my college career. Through classes, the Honors Student Advisory Board, Quest Mentoring, and more, I've learned about who I am and how the world works. I feel like my education has been well-rounded because of the UHP, and I know that I met some of my best friends because of the program."

Emily Kay Brookhart '12  [Recipient of Lindley Award for the Outstanding Graduating Senior in the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences]
English/International Studies
Idaho Falls, Idaho

"The UHP offers a wonderful community within the university in which to make personal connections and develop socially. It also offers great leadership opportunities through the advisory board, committee membership, and volunteer coordination. Finally, the classes offered by the UHP allow for expanded critical thinking, greater interaction with one's peers and professors, and give unique opportunities to explore interesting topics in various disciplines."

Meaghan Elisabeth Jones '12
Anthropology, Chemistry
Nampa, Idaho

"The UHP provides personal attention, small class sizes, outstanding professors and UHP staff. Every class exceeded my expectations: passionate faculty and interesting course topics made the difference. The UHP really influenced my growth at the University of Idaho. From the very beginning, it connected me with like-minded students who wanted to make a difference and classrooms full of people who can't be anything but interesting. The program also served as a great introduction into University life and helped develop my academic and study habits through challenging and reflective material and assignments. I was challenged to think critically, listen, participate and engage. That's what college is all about, right?"

Steve Hanna '11
English-Professional Emph., Foreign Languages-Spanish Opt.
Baker City, Oregon

"I LOVED my upper-division honors classes especially. I appreciated the smaller class sizes, the more interactive curricula and interesting/out of the ordinary topics that the classes delved into. I think that my UHP experience was great in helping me form relationships with important people, have interesting and different classes that I would not otherwise have had, and allowed me to learn in a smaller, more intimate environment."

Rachel Anne Smotherman '13
Political Science
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I loved the numerous classes I could take and the AMAZING teachers. The UHP has really expanded my mind. I came out of the program a much better person and I'm very thankful that I completed the curriculum. The end result was exactly what college is meant to do: the program broadened my mind, got me to think about things I had never thought of and would never have thought of without having taken these classes and met these wonderful teachers and students. I feel like my education is more well-rounded and that I have had one of the most amazing college experiences thanks to the UI Honors Program."

Megan R. Jasper '11
Foreign Languages-Spanish
Moscow, Idaho

"I cannot imagine my life at the University of Idaho without the Honors Program. In freshman Honors Chemistry I met friends who I would not only share the rest of my undergraduate experience with, but who, I believe, will be friends for a lifetime. University Honors Program classes excite and stimulate. They have defined my university experience and helped me see the world from new and varied perspectives."

Dr. Melanie Coonts Samuel '02, Goldwater Scholar
Microbiology, Molecular Biology/Biochemistry, and English
Boise, Idaho, /Postdoctoral Associate, Harvard University

"One major strength of the curriculum is that it provides an "overall education" - one that a student would not receive taking just classes in his/her major. I credit some of my honors classes (such as Contemporary American Experience, Philosophy, Economics, and Geography of Conflict) for preparing me to be a citizen of the world. My honors classes had excellent discussions, smaller class sizes, and enthusiastic professors... all aspects that aided in my thinking and learning. I have especially enjoyed my upper division seminar, which I feel has educated me a great deal about our battling world and how it came to be. The UHP experience has made me a more well-rounded world citizen, and that knowledge provides me confidence for future opportunities in my field and the world."

Zach Dobroth '08
Civil Engineering
Eagle, Idaho

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