General Honors Curriculum

Humanities and Social Sciences UI core credits

UHP students are advised to complete at least 3 credits in Humanities, 3 credits in Social Sciences, and an additional 3 crs in Humanities or Social Sciences selected from at least three different disciplines to count toward the certificate.

May be used as core credit in J-3-d. An interdisciplinary, thematically based course, intended to introduce students beginning their university experience to a variety of humanities and social science disciplines and perspectives on topics of broad interest; all themes/sections emphasize discussion and frequent student-faculty and student-student interactions; each includes attention to issues of critical thinking, diversity, and methods of inquiry. Open to first-year students only.

Note: The Integrated Seminar course is an integrated Humanities and Social Science course and counts towards the total of 15 credits for humanities and social sciences, but will not carry the specific designation of humanities or social science. When students complete an Integrated Seminar course for 3 credits, 6 credits of approved humanities course work, and 6 credits of approved social science coursework they will have obtained a combined total of 15 credits of Humanities and Social Science coursework.

  • Integrated Seminar (HON: ISEM 101, 3 credits, several different topics/sections each fall semester)

Humanities electives:

  • Introduction to Ethics (HON: Phil 103, 3 credits, offered fall and spring)
  • Literature of Western Civilization I & II (HON: Eng 257 typicall fall; Engl typically 258 spring, 3 credits each)
  • History of Rock and Roll (HON: MusH 201, 3 credits, offered occasionally)

Social Science electives:

  • Introduction to Anthropology (Anth 100, offered occasionally 3 credits)
  • Principles of Economics (HON: Econ 202, 3 credits, offered occasionally)
  • History of Civilization (HON: Hist 101, & 102, 3 credits each, Hist 101 or 102 offered occasionally)
  • Peoples of the World (HON: Anth 220, 3 credits, typically every other year)
  • Introduction to Psychology (HON: Psych 101, fall semester, 3 credits)
  • Introduction to Political Science (HON: Soc 101, 3 credits, offered occasionally)

Communications Elective:

  • English 102 (3 credits, fall semester)

Science electives:

  • Principles of Chemistry I (HON: Chem 111, 4 credits, fall)
  • Principles of Chemistry II (HON: Chem 112, 5 credits, spring)
  • Integrated Science Course (HON: CORS 200-level, offered either fall or spring semester, topics vary, 3 credits)
  • Physical Geography (HON:Geog 100, 3 credits, occasionally, spring semester)
  • Engineering Statics (HON: Engr 210, 3 credits, spring)
  • Engineering Dynamics (HON: Engr 220, 3 credits, spring)

Mathematics, Statistics, and Symbolic Logic elective:

  • Topics in Pure Mathematics (HON: Math 315, 3 credits, typically fall semester--also counts as upper-division HON credit) or use the Honors Contract (see further below) in conjunction with one of the following non-honors courses:
  • Statistics 251 Statistical Methods* (with agreement of professorial faculty, 3 credits)
  • Statistics 301 Probability and Statistics* (with agreement of professorial faculty, 3 credits)
  • Philosophy 202 Introduction to Symbolic Logic* (with agreement of professorial faculty, 3 credits)

Upper Division Honors Courses and Seminars

Topics and credits vary.  Upper division and seminar prerequisite: completion of three honors credits prior to start date of class.  Math 315 is counted as an upper-division honors course:

  • ISem 301 (s) Great Issues Seminar-Honors section (1 cr) May be used as core credit in J-3-d. Open only to students who have earned at least 26 credits (sophomore status), the Great Issues Seminars are interdisciplinary courses typically linked with an annual signature event of the university (e.g., Bellwood Lecture, Borah Symposium, Runstad Lecture, Jazz Festival) that integrate the university learning outcomes and general education goals with a critical examination of the great issues topic. Attendance at an event may be required. See for specific course titles and descriptions. Prereq: Engl 102 and Sophomore Standing
  • 300-400 level HON courses and seminars (1-3 credits, topics vary)
  • Interdisciplinary Colloquium (HON: Intr 450, 1 credit, P/F, fall or spring semester)
  • Honors Reading Elective (as needed for 27 credit total; -HON: Intr 404, 1 credit, offered occasionally)