Criteria for Sustaining Membership

An active member in good standing in the University Honors Program must maintain a UI 3.3 cumulative GPA and must complete:

  • 3 HON-designated credits in the first semester,
  • 6 HON-designated credits by the end of the second semester,
  • 9 HON-designated credits by the end of the fourth semester,
  • 12 HON-designated credits by the end of the sixth semester,
  • 13 HON-designated credits by the end of the seventh semester, and
  • 14 HON-designated credits by the end of the eighth semester in residence on the Moscow campus.

Semesters that students spend studying abroad or on domestic exchange are not counted against the determination of membership.  Students who do not meet the minimum GPA or credit requirements for program membership are automatically placed on probation for one semester and then become an "inactive" member.  

  • “Inactive” Honors students, with a 3.3 GPA, are welcome to renew their Honors Program membership and to enroll in future honors courses.  All you need to do is go to “Current UI Students” under Admission and complete the requested information.  No essay is required!!
  • “Inactive” Honors students may also request to remain on the Honors email list by contacting Chris Price at

Scheduling Conflicts

Students who have course scheduling conflicts should see the program Director to discuss options. To avoid such conflicts, frequent advising as the student progresses toward completion of the core award or the certificate is strongly recommended.

Internships and Student Teaching

Students who will be away from campus for the greater part of a semester or academic year on an internship or a student teaching assignment are advised to consult the program director before leaving campus (preferably one year in advance) to work out appropriate credit substitutions.