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University of Idaho Extension, Bannock County

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Family and Consumer Sciences

The goal of family and consumer sciences programming is to improve the quality of life for adults, children and families through research-based information, specifically in these areas:

  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Nutrition
  • Food safety
  • Financial management

Various classes are offered at the UI Extension, Bannock County office or throughout the community. Contact Laura Foist with food preservation questions or for current classes.

Classes Available

Science of Cooking Series

Come to a fun hands on course for the entire family (ages 8 and up). In this class we will do fun food based science experiments and learn more about cooking. Come to the entire series for $15 or $50 for your entire family. Max size of each class is 15 participants.

  • Science of Flavors: Learn what senses we use to taste food. $5/person or $15/family
  • Science of Produce: Try some unique fruits and vegetables and learn how to prepare them. $5/person or $15/family
  • Science of Baking: Follow a recipe and learn how to bake. $5/person or $15/family
  • Science of Meat: Prepare and safely cook meat. $5/person or $15/family

The Science of Baking

What makes your bread rise or your pie crust flaky? Or what causes all this to fail? Learn about the science behind baking and put this new knowledge into action in your home kitchen.  

Please call 208-236-7310 to preregister for scheduled classes. The class registration fee is $5 per person.

Canning Workshop

Home food preservation is a cost-effective way to feed your family. It allows you to know what’s in your food. During the five-week course, learn:

  • Food preservation basics
  • Boiling water bath canning for high acid foods
  • Pressure canning for low acid foods
  • Drying and freezing
  • Pickles and preserves 

Class members will have hands-on practice preserving in the UI Extension office kitchen and take home one food item each week. The five-week course will be offered spring 2019. Please call our office if you are interested in a basic canning class. If you have a group of 10 or more students we can offer a basic one night class for beginners.

Artisan Bread Class

Learn the art of using ancient grains and shaping bread in a hand-mixed bread class. Bring your own mixing bowl with lid and wooden spoon and be prepared to go home with a loaf of bread to bake for the family.

Preregistration is required and the cost is $10 per person.

Varied Proteins

For most of us, our meals are heavily meat based. There are many other healthy ways to get our protein everyday. Learn ways to vary your protein routine and why this is so important. 

Call our office to preregister. The cost per person is $10 to cover class materials.

Using Your Food Storage

If you are buying items in bulk, such as 50 lb. bags of wheat or powdered milk, have you ever wondered how you are ever going to use them? In this class learn how to use your food storage in your daily life so you can be prepared to use a well rotated food storage when emergencies hit.

Please preregister at 208-236-7310. The cost per person is $5.

Healthier Desserts

Desserts are meant to be enjoyed sparingly. In this class you will learn how to make desserts that are still enjoyed, but also have a few more nutrients hidden in them. Scheduling is just in time for the holiday season. Surprise your family and friends with tasty treats that are actually healthier. 

Cost per class registration is $5. Please call to preregister to attend.

Master Food Preservation Class

UI Extension educators offer a Master Food Preservation Class each year. View the presentation (YouTube video) to learn more about this class. Explore our food preservation publications and learn how to keep you and your family safe.

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

Whether you are new to canning or a seasoned expert, this publication is an excellent source for home canning your favorite fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry. There is information on how to can properly and procedures to safely preserve your favorite foods. Remember, when canning at home, use only USDA approved recipes.

Download individual chapters from the USDA website, or if you would like the spiral bound book, you can purchase it for $18 at your local UI Extension office.

Dial Pressure Gauge Checks

If you are getting ready to start your canning, remember to bring the dial gauge canner lid to the UI Extension, Bannock County office to be checked for accuracy. This must be done every year before you start canning. If you can year round, set a date and get it tested the same time every year.

Learning Online

Check out the learning events listed at eXtension Learn. Topics include gardening, health, finances and more.

Eat Smart Idaho

Learn nutrition and consumer skills

Helping families in Idaho move toward increased self-sufficiency.

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University of Idaho Extension, Bannock County

Mailing Address:
10560 N Fairgrounds Rd
Bldg A
Pocatello, ID 83202

Phone: 208-236-7310



Find us on Google Maps