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Leadership Development

Leaders imagine the future and influence others to join them in creating it. UI Extension helps leaders learn these skills.

Assets to Action 

For groups 

Why do some rural communities become more vibrant in the face of challenges, while others can't shake a decline? The key is shared leadership among a large base of volunteers, organizations and existing local resources.

Assets to Action is a series of workshops to build leadership capacity across the groups in a community by facilitating a grassroots planning process. The process takes a “guide on the side” coaching approach, with Extension facilitators and local partners supporting community members. These community members identify local assets, create a shared vision and identify strategies that will move the community toward prosperity.

The process is tailored to and designed by community members, including new and long-time leaders. Residents from across community sectors develop a platform to sustain community-driven action over time.

How it works

  • A community — a neighborhood, municipality, set of towns, county or region — brings together 10-20 people willing to be the spark that ignites positive action.
  • UI Extension specialists and educators work with this group for two to four months to develop a draft community vision, action teams and a steering committee.
  • UI Extension educators work with community leaders for the next year, coaching them as they develop work plans, recruit volunteers and raise funds for project implementation.
  • Extension personnel provide leadership training as needed, in a “just-in-time” training model, based on community needs.

For more information, contact Lorie Higgins.

Leadership to Make a Difference Institute

For individuals 

An intensive training to help people develop confidence in their leadership abilities and learn skills to make a difference in our world. After this training, participants have:

  • Understanding of self, others and building working relationships.
  • Skills for leading meetings, working with others and responding to conflict.
  • Personal leadership plan and strategies for implementing new ideas in current work.
  • Professional network designed to support continued leadership growth.

For more information, contact Kathee Tifft.

For more information contact

Lorie Higgins

Extension Specialist, Professor

Ag Science, Room 24


Kathee Tifft

Extension Educator — Community Development, Family and Consumer Sciences and County Chair

Nez Perce County