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Travel Requests

University regulations require that you request permission before traveling.

If you intend to travel on a NIATT budget, please email NIATT at with a completed travel request form that includes the following information:

  1. Traveler Name:
  2. Employee Classification (faculty, exempt, staff, student):
  3. Department and College/Unit:
  4. Dates of Travel including departure time and return time:
  5. Destination:
  6. Funding Source (budget #):
  7. Estimated Cost:
  8. Purpose & Justification:

Faculty/staff are still required to have pre-approval from your home department. Students only need pre-approval through NIATT.

Please note that out-of-country travel on UTC budgets must be pre-approved by UTC.

Airline Tickets

NIATT credit cards can be used to purchase airline tickets. See the purchasing section above and/or the purchasing card regulations.

There is a special website — — for purchasing airplane tickets from Horizon or Alaska. Email NIATT at with questions about becoming an authorized user or about purchasing travel tickets.

When you are first authorized, you will receive an email from EasyBiz telling you how to log in the first time.



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