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Surplus Requests

If you have any items that may contain or have contained hazardous chemicals in the past, please contact Environmental Health and Safety.

If you have any IT assets that may store data (computers, printers, credit card machines, FAX machines, etc.) please submit a ticket with OIT Service - Technology Equipment Surplus. They will handle picking up the devices and ensuring they are sent to surplus after being wiped.

If you have assets or items that would be difficult, extremely expensive or damaging to move, please email so we can make special arrangements for the disposal of that asset.

All items not fitting the descriptions mentioned above must be sent to surplus regardless of perceived monetary or economic value.

Asset Transfer Request

To begin the surplus process, ensure that all capital assets (items with red or yellow property stickers) are entered into the Asset Change Request System. This is found in VandalWeb under the Employees, Financial Tasks, Asset Change / Surplus Transfer Requests.

Ensure all capital assets have been approved by your property administrator and Office of Sponsored Programs if necessary before sending to surplus. All items that are not capital assets must be submitted on the Non-Capital Surplus Delivery List which can be found on the Surplus Delivery Request landing page.

If your items are not going to the Moscow campus surplus location, please indicate how they are disposed in the description of your entry. If you would like to sell your items or need assistance determining the best way to dispose of them, please email us at

For items that say they have already been disposed, please include them in the Non-Capital Surplus Delivery List.

Scheduling Delivery

After all items are in the asset change system you can submit a Surplus Delivery Request. Deliveries can be scheduled for 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

For departmental deliveries, we will schedule a time with you to drop off your items after reviewing your delivery request, items and assets, and preferred delivery times.

For deliveries using a moving company, the selected moving company should contact surplus to request approval and coordinate a pickup time with you.

Surplus does not handle the pickup or delivery of items and assets.


Physical Address:
Facilities Surplus Building

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2281 
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

Phone: 208-885-4070