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Bal Krishna Sharma

Associate Professor


Brink Hall 128

  • Ph.D., Second Language Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa 2016
  • M.A., Second Language Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa 2011
  • M. Ed., English Education, Tribhuvan University, Nepal 2004
  • B. Ed., English Education, Tribhuvan University, Nepal 2001

I am interested in the role of English in multilingual contexts. I look into the dynamics of teaching, learning and use of English in order to examine the topics of language ideology, intercultural communication, identity and pedagogy. For the last several years, I have been studying the issues of culture, representation, and the economy of language from the perspectives of tourism workers in the context of Nepal's tourism industry. I investigate what English, other international languages, and minority languages mean for a workplace context where the commodification and representation of languages and cultures is a major driving force. As another project, I am working on research that investigates language-related ideologies and identities of non-native English speaking faculty as U.S. universities in STEM fields.

  • Multilingualism
  • Sociolinguistics 
  • Discourse analysis
  • Intercultural communication
  • Qualitative research methods

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  • Sharma, B. & Phyak, P. (2017). Criticality as ideological becoming: Developing English teachers for critical pedagogy in Nepal. Special issue on “Reexamining and reenvisioning criticality in language studies” in R. Kubota & E. Miller (Eds.), Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, 14(1/2) , 210-238.
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  • Sharma, B. (2013). Enactment of teacher identity in resolving student disagreements in small group peer interactions. Linguistics and Education, 24(2) , 247-259.
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  • Sharma, B. (2012). ‘It’s more than social networking’: Performing global Englishes in Facebook by college youth in Nepal. Journal of Sociolinguistics 16(4), 483-509.
  • Sharma, B. (2012). Conceding in disagreements: A sequential analysis of group work interactions in academic writing class. Classroom Discourse 3(1), 4-28.
  • Sharma, S. & Sharma, B. (2012). Leapfrogging in the global periphery: Popular literacy practices of Nepalese youth online. In B. T. Williams & A. Zenger (Eds.), New media literacies and participatory popular culture across borders (151-166). New York: Routledge.

  • 2019: GSSP Faculty Excellence in Internationalization, University of Idaho
  • 2019: ORED RISE Arts & Humanities (A&H) Project Support Grant, University of Idaho
  • 2019: CLASS Undergraduate Collaborative Key Grant, University of Idaho
  • 2018: Alumni Award for Excellence Inspirational Mentor, University of Idaho
  • 2018: Seed Grant, University of Idaho
  • 2018: CLASS Summer Research Grant, University of Idaho
  • 2015: Dai Ho Chun Fellowship, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • 2014: Doctoral Dissertation Grant, the International Research Foundation for English Language Education
  • 2014: Civil Society Scholar Award by the Open Society Foundations
  • 2008: East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship 
  • 2001 & 2003: Mahendra Vidya Bhusan (God Medal by the King), Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Linguistic Transformation in Tourism Spaces

Presentation by Bal Krishna Sharma, Assistant Professor of English.

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