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Summit Course Topics

Delivered in a sophisticated retreat setting, the Summit features industry thought leaders grappling with the challenges of the 21st century energy industry.

Leading expert Greg Guthridge examines the game changing trends shaping our energy future and how to balance engagement and effortless experience for energy consumers.

A diverse panel of non-traditional industry stakeholders discuss the future and how they see energy delivery evolving and how best to align business objectives across diverse stakeholders.

Moderator: Evelyn Robinson, Manager, Regulatory/Legislative Affairs, PJM Interconnection

A panel of human resource executives examine utility industry challenges and the impact on the workforce. Topics include the digital workforce, culture and engagement, cost reduction, and the workforce of the future.

Moderator: Bobbi Schroeppel, Vice President, Customer Care, Communications, and Human Resources NorthWestern Energy

Leading expert Joe Herger examines the impact electric vehicles will have on the grid and on mobility and the environment. Electric vehicle adoption, utility investments, and customizing charging infrastructure will be explored.

A panel of industry experts discuss the legal and regulatory challenges of keeping the lights on while preparing and addressing the changing utility landscape. Panelists will examine the impact of policy, technology, and customer choice on the utility regulatory and business model.

Moderator: Loretta Mabinton, Associate General Counsel, Portland General Electric

Examines how emerging business models such as prosumers, distributed storage, and how new facilitation models are influencing corporate strategy across diverse stakeholder interests.

Explores innovative ways to reach and serve customers and the challenges and opportunities of integrating marketing, customer service, information technology, and communication.

A panel of industry Chief Financial Officers will discuss the economic consequences of new technologies, customer expectations, and changing business models, and how rating agencies and Wall Street are viewing utilities and what impact that is having on raising capital.

Moderator: David Anderson, Senior Vice President and CFO, NW Natural

A panel of energy industry Chief Information Officers discuss the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation including the search for new talent, investing in new technologies, launching new products and services, and cybersecurity.

Cristina McQuistion, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, OGE Energy Corp.

Leading expert Mark McGranaghan examines grid modernization and what technologies and electricity pricing programs customers may adopt in the future.

A panel of operations officers examine the implications of renewable integration into the grid, grid modernization and resilience, fuel diversity and long-term resource strategy, and generation facilities.

Moderator: Heather Rosentrater, Vice President, Energy Delivery, Avista Corp.

A diverse panel of energy and non-traditional stakeholders explore how to leverage strategic partnerships to deliver value to customers. Topics include operational agility, digital innovation, and core competencies for future collaboration.

Moderator: David Harkness, Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Xcel Energy

Leading industry expert David Owens outlines a customer-driven industry vision that includes a more dynamic and secure energy grid, cleaner energy, and innovative energy solutions.

Leading environmental expert Ralph Cavanagh details how utilities can leverage energy efficiency and renewable energy, and create diversified, environmentally responsible resource portfolios that will ensure more reliable and affordable service and meet environmental goals.

Renowned experts Ralph Cavanagh and David Owens will deliver a rousing point-counterpoint on the future of the energy industry.

A panel of industry Chief Executive Officers explore today’s fast-paced change and discuss how they are aligning their vision with changing policy, regulation, and business models. Topics include increasing customer and employee expectations, new competitors, integrated grid, growing threats to resilience, and decarbonization.

Moderator: Roger Woodworth, Principal Consultant, Mindset Matters

"The Summit is an excellent forum on the latest energy industry trends through an informed and knowledgeable set of speakers and a highly engaged group of attendees - very well done with great customer focus!”
Tom O'Brian, Vice President, Information & Technology Services PJM Interconnection, LLC.

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