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Honors Living

  • Make friends! Connect with like-minded and motivated students from all academic disciplines.
  • Enjoy support! Create and enjoy a community of Honors Program students who support your academic ambitions.
  • Increase your academic success! Join study groups with students on your floor who are also in your Honors classes.
Students sit in a circle in a common area of Scholars LLC while a professor leads a fireside chat
Students gathered in Scholars LLC for a Fireside Chat

University Honors Program students have the opportunity to join a supportive, close-knit campus residential community for new incoming and continuing students. First-year honors students may choose to live in McCoy Hall, located on the 10th and 9th (women) and 11th (men) floors of the Theophilus Tower. Continuing honors students may choose to live in the Scholars Living Learning Community (LLC) also on located on campus on 6th Street.

Honors residential communities provide students with the advantage of meeting and living with other students who maintain high academic standards and motivation. In addition, many of the University Honors Program extracurricular activities are hosted Scholars LLC and McCoy in conjunction with University Housing and Residence Life.

For more information and on how to apply for University Housing and Residence Life opportunities, please visit Housing and Residence Life.

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