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Frequently Asked Questions

When students sign up to study abroad one of their post-application requirements is the Course Planning Form. This form has various purposes:

  • It allows department chairs or their designees to determine how study abroad courses will transfer back to the U of I (accepting courses as equivalent to U of I courses or awarding elective credit)
  • It allows the students’ academic advisor to review the student’s full plan of study, discuss it with the student, and sign the form giving their approval.
  • It allows the student’s college dean’s office to approve upper-division coursework to count toward the U of I residency requirement.
  • It allows the Registrar’s office to determine the number of U of I credits the student will receive for each course he or she takes abroad. The Registrar’s Office also keeps a copy of the form for their reference to determine credit transfer when they receive the student’s study abroad transcript.
  • The form is submitted to the Study Abroad office and kept on file in case any questions arise regarding credit transfer.

Faculty who wish to lead a program abroad must start early and should carefully follow the instructions outlined on the Faculty/Staff-Led International Travel page. This page also has a manual that includes information on program planning, developing a budget, health and safety, emergency response and much more.

Absolutely! Study Abroad Office staff will happily come to your class or classes to discuss study abroad program options with your students. Presentations can be tailored to last from 10 minutes to the full class period, they can be low-tech or full PowerPoint presentations, and they can cover general study abroad options or can be specific to certain subject areas or regions of the world. Just tell the Study Abroad staff what format you would like, making sure to give the date, time, and location of your class, as well as the number of students in your class (so we know how many brochures to bring). Contact Study Abroad Office staff at 208-885-8984 or by email at

The University of Idaho has a partnership with the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), and together they offer opportunities for faculty to teach abroad. Visiting professors can choose from sites in Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Thailand and can teach for a summer or semester.

Via the same partnership as mentioned above, staff and faculty have the opportunity to apply for a University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) Faculty/Staff International Development Award (FIDA).

Most U of I direct programs are reciprocal exchange programs, so a U of I study abroad participant studies at a university in The Netherlands and a student from that university comes to the University of Idaho. Participants are regularly enrolled students at that university: They take courses in Spanish along with other Chilean students. Since U of I direct program costs tend to be roughly based on the cost of U of I tuition and fees, most of them are cheaper than program provider programs.

Students who choose U of I direct programs should be independent and have the confidence to navigate through a different educational/living environment with a minimum amount of supervision and help. While some program coordinators at host institutions may be able to devote a lot of time to student questions or problems, others may have numerous responsibilities that limit their contact. Educational systems at host institutions may be different from U.S. models of education. For example, in many European universities, quizzes and tests are not given throughout the semester but, instead, one final exam determines the entire grade for the course. Getting class help can be problematic at some universities because some professors may go home directly after class due to a lack of office space on campus.

In contrast, students on program provider programs usually study foreign language and culture courses with other U.S. and international students at the host institution. Language instruction is delivered by host institution faculty and one or several of the culture courses may be taught by visiting U.S. faculty. Usually, there is a resident director who is hired by the program to help students with questions and problems. Because program provider programs tend to have more on-site support, they are often ideal for students who have had little previous international travel experience. Excursions are often included in the cost of program provider programs. For example, participants in the USAC-Pau, France program have the option to spend a week in Paris. In addition, there are shorter trips taken throughout the semester to famous local and regional cultural sites. Program provider programs tend to cost slightly more than affiliated institution programs because of the increased support, excursions, and cost of visiting faculty.

There are definitely exceptions to these rules. Study Abroad Advisors can help students navigate their options. If you or your student have questions, feel free to contact a Study Abroad Advisor at 208-885-7870 or

Students can typically use grants, loans and scholarships for U of I-approved study abroad programs. If the study abroad program costs more than it normally costs to study at U of I, it may be possible to get additional financial aid. Students should visit a financial aid advisor to determine whether or not they qualify for additional aid. Non-U of I students may be able to use their home university financial aid for a U of I study abroad program, via a Consortium Agreement. These students should visit with their home university financial aid office to discuss the specifics.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact the U of I Study Abroad Office at 208-885-7870 or by email at

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