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Faculty and Partnership Resources

Since 1997, the University of Idaho Dual Credit Program has offered students the opportunity to enroll and earn credit for college and high school simultaneously. The program has expanded the opportunities to credit at the high schools across the state, including offering enrollment in university online and on-campus courses. Credits earned through the U of I can be applied to your U of I college graduation or transferred to other colleges or universities.

High School Teaching Partners

The Dual Credit Program can create courses established in the UI General Education curriculum. Gen Ed courses meet the high school graduation requirements set by the university and the state; these courses offer an opportunity not only to lay the foundations of a career but also to develop the mind to its highest potential, to cultivate the imagination as well as the power to reason and to gain the intellectual curiosity that makes education a life-long pursuit.

A student working toward a baccalaureate degree must complete the necessary course work in the seven categories described below (J-3-a through J-3-g).

The high school teacher must meet the same qualifications as those met by UI faculty within the academic department. Most Academic departments require instructors to hold at least a Master’s degree in the content area of the course requested.

Teacher Application 

Teacher Responsibilities

  1. Introduce UI’s culture to students.
  2. Complete a New Teacher Orientation prior to offering the course.
  3. Attend at least one faculty provided professional development session per semester.  
  4. Submit yearly course syllabus for review/approval.
  5. Confirm course accuracy for each term on the Dual Credit courses page.
  6. Distribute the approved program syllabus, which includes registration, drop, and withdraw deadlines to students.
  7. Verify the Vandal roster during the first week of course registration, again prior to the drop deadline and before the withdrawal to ensure enrollment accuracy.
  8. Remind students to complete the End of Course Evaluation available in their VandalWeb accounts.

    Deliverables per Academic Year

    • Submit UI Syllabi & High School Syllabi template before the start of the course with matching learning outcomes (SLO)
    • Invite your mentor for a Site Visit the first semester of the first-course offering and then every other year.
    • Meet with your mentor to collaborate on professional development once a semester to complete a total of 8 hours per academic year. (Aug through July)

School District Administrator Responsibilities

  1. Support the Dual Credit Program within the school district.
  2. Act as a liaison between high school students, parents, teachers, Dual Credit staff, and the community.
  3. Support high school teachers serving as UI adjunct Teaching Partners.
  4. Collaborate with the Dual Credit Program to resolve any questions or concerns.

The University of Idaho’s Student Code of Conduct was developed in partnership with University of Idaho students and faculty and approved by the Idaho Board of Regents.  It exists to educate students in understanding their rights and responsibilities as members of a safe, civil, and ethical academic community. Complete information can be found in the Office of the Dean of Students.

Verify the enrollment accuracy in VandalWeb one week after registration according to your MOU section 8; to ensure your student list matches your high school roster. Verification is also important before the drop and withdrawal deadlines to ensure your student's requests are processed; students who moved from the high school, switched classes or withdrew from university credit.

  1. After registration is complete
  2. Before the Drop Deadline
  3. Before the Withdrawal Deadline

Provide a copy of the VandalWeb class roster to your high school’s Advance Opportunities liaison to confirm the accuracy of entries in the Advanced Opportunities portal.

Dual Credit

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