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Elizabeth Cassel

Elizabeth Cassel

Assistant Professor


McClure 301B



Mailing Address

Department of Geological Sciences
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 3022
Moscow, ID 83844-3022

  • Ph.D., Geological and Environmental Sciences, 2010—Stanford University
  • B.A., Geology, 2003—Carleton College

  • Orogenesis and the interactions of tectonics, climate, and erosion
  • Convergent margins
  • Basin analysis
  • Stable isotope geochemistry
  • Sedimentology and stratigraphy
  • Geo- and thermochronology
  • Earth surface processes

  • Cassel, E.J., Breecker, D.O., Henry, C.D., Larson, T.E. and Stockli, D.F., 2014, Profile of a paleo-orogen: High topography across the present-day Basin and Range from 40 to 23 Ma: Geology, v. 42, (in press).
  • Cassel, E.J., Grove, M., and Graham, S.A., 2012, Eocene drainage evolution and erosion of the Sierra Nevada batholith across northern California and Nevada, American Journal of Science, v. 312, no. 2, p. 117-144.
  • Cassel, E.J., Graham, S.A., Chamberlain, C.P., and Henry, C.H., 2012, Early Cenozoic Topography, Morphology, and Tectonics of the Northern Sierra Nevada and Western Basin and Range, Geosphere, April 2012, v. 8, no. 2, p. 229-249.
  • Cassel, E.J., and Graham, S.A., 2011, Paleovalley morphology and fluvial system evolution of Eocene-Oligocene sediments ('auriferous gravels'), northern Sierra Nevada, California: Cassel, E.J. – C.V., p. 5 Implications for climate, tectonics, and topography, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 123, no. 9/10, p. 1699-1719.
  • Cassel, E.J., Graham, S.A., and Chamberlain, P.C., 2009, Cenozoic tectonic and topographic evolution of the northern Sierra Nevada, California, through stable isotope paleoaltimetry in volcanic glass: Geology, v. 37, no. 6, p. 547-550.
  • Cassel, E.J., Calvert, A.T., and Graham, S.A., 2009, Age, geochemical composition, and distribution of Oligocene ignimbrites in the northern Sierra Nevada, California: implications for landscape morphology, elevation, and drainage divide geography of the Nevadaplano: International Geology Review, v. 51, no. 7, p. 723-742.
  • Smith, M.E., Carroll, A.R., Jicha, B.J., Cassel, E.J., and Scott, J.J., 2014, Paleogeographic record of Eocene Farallon slab rollback beneath western North America: Geology, v. 42, (in press).

  • Tectonic and topographic evolution of the Cordilleran hinterland: implications for the timing and magnitude of Basin and Range extension 
  • Drivers for basin formation and lacustrine evolution through the Eocene-Oligocene sedimentary and volcanic record in eastern Nevada
  • History of Cenozoic uplift and forearc basin evolution in the southern Peruvian Andes
  • Late Eocene flora and depositional systems in eastern Oregon
  • Hydration processes and stable isotope systematics in felsic volcanic glass
  • Paleotopography, drainage system evolution, and exhumation history of the western Cordillera: Idaho, Nevada, Utah, & B.C.

  • Jackson Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011-2013—University of Texas at Austin
  • NSF grant: Record of Tectonics in the Cordilleran Hinterland


Department of Geological Sciences

Physical Address:
McClure Hall 203

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 3022
Moscow, ID 83844-3022

Phone: 208-885-6192


Web: Geological Sciences