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Core Principles

Conduct evidence-based research to inform public policy

Decisions based on credible, accurate, and relevant research have the power to improve lives and strengthen communities. To maintain Senator McClure's legacy of thoughtful pursuit of sound public policy, the McClure Center conducts nonpartisan, evidence-based research to inform policy, support decision makers, and foster public dialogue.

Communicate reliable policy findings in an accessible manner

The McClure Center is dedicated to inform public policy for the state, region, nation, and world. The Center's reports and events not only communicate the relevance of research to public policy, but translate research findings into actionable knowledge that decision makers can utilize to enact reliable public policy.

Convene and collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders

The McClure Center’s collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to address society’s complex issues sustains Senator McClure’s remarkable legacy. Through events, workshops, and trainings, the Center convenes a variety of stakeholders in engaged and thoughtful exploration of critical challenges facing the state, region, nation, and world. These inclusive activities foster lasting partnerships and provide a setting for ongoing public dialogue.

Engage students in public policy

The University of Idaho prepares students to discover new knowledge, solve novel problems, and lead. Expanding on this, the McClure Center values its role in educating students and connecting their scholarship to public policy in innovative ways. The McClure Center offers research opportunities in addition to student internships.

Advance the University of Idaho as a leader in public policy research

The McClure Center is a resource for University of Idaho faculty, staff, and students to translate their knowledge and expertise to inform public policy. The Center showcases their research in publications and events, and serves as a policy resource for research proposals.

McClure Center

Physical Address:
Capitol Annex Ste. 116

Mailing Address:
James A. & Louise McClure Center for Public Policy Research
Capitol Annex
514 W. Jefferson Street
Boise, ID 83702

Phone: 208-364-4549