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Supervisory Excellence Program

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The University of Idaho Supervisory Excellence Program is a flexible, performance skills based program of learning designed to provide U of I supervisors and supervisor aspirants with an opportunity to develop supervisory competencies. The program enhances skill development in critical thinking, delegating, coaching, setting expectations, communication, organizational awareness, team leadership and human resources management.

The Program Objectives include: 

  1. Providing supervisors and administrators with tools and skills to hire and develop an effective team, manage optimal performance and maintain a positive work culture.
  2. Increasing supervisor and administrator knowledge in critical areas of legal and ethical compliance.
  3. Refining supervisory skills and facilitate a communication network.

There are several benefits participants may enjoy as a result of participating in this program: 

• Transition into supervisory roles more smoothly

• Achieve results with less stress

• Supervise more consistently

• Create a more supportive and productive work environment

• Enhance your supervisory skills

• Enhance your career competitiveness

Who Should Attend: Individuals who are not in a supervisory role but need to get work done through others or those who aspire to a supervisory role.

Description: This program equips participants with the foundational concepts and skills to enable them to manage teams to perform to their highest potential. Participants will learn essential skills to gain the respect and support of others, as well as how to build influence without designated authority. They will learn strategies to leverage their role within the organization to lead, handle different personality types, solve problems, make decisions, become a change manager, and build solid long-lasting working relationships.

Topics to be covered include: communication essentials, team building, stress management, time management, making meetings work, problem solving and decision making

Frequency/Duration: Enrollment is ongoing. 1-2 workshops offered each month. 

Certificate of Completion Requirements: Completion of annual Work-Related Training and (1) Building Team Relationships (2) Communication Essentials  (3) Decision Making Styles (4) Goal Setting & Time Management (5) Managing Conflict and (6) Managing Stress.

Who Should Attend: Participation limited to U of I employees with current appointments as lead, supervisor or manager.

Description: The Basic Leadership Development for Supervisors Program is designed to provide U of I supervisors with the foundational concepts and skills needed to be successful in leading employees to perform at their highest potential. 

Topics to be Covered Include: Understanding leadership roles, improving communication skills, creating a productive, respectful work environment, motivating and evaluating performance, coaching and managing differences

Frequency/Duration: Enrollment is ongoing. Basic Program 1-2 workshops each month. 

Certificate of Completion Requirements: Completion of  annual Work-Related Training, all U of I Supervisor Required Training and (1) Building Team Relationships (2) Coaching for Employee Success (3) Communication Essentials (4) Creating an Inclusive Campus (5) Leadership Essentials 1 (6) Leadership Essentials 2 (7) Managing Conflict and 5 electives from the Basic Leadership Development Program Electives List. 

Who Should Attend: Participation limited to U of I employees who have completed the Basic Leadership Development for Supervisors Program and/or a minimum 3 years experience as a supervisor. 

Description: The Advanced Leadership Development for Supervisors Program is designed to provide continued professional development for U of I supervisors. This program will explore ways to create an ethical and inclusive work environment and provide opportunities for peer-sharing on leadership strategies, tools and techniques to deal with challenging workplace issues.  

Topics to be Covered Include: Modifying your leadership style to fit the situation, managing conflict, strategies and techniques for motivating and engaging employees and leveraging diversity. 

Frequency/Duration: Enrollment is ongoing. 1-2 workshops offered each month. 

Certificate of Completion Requirements: Completion of annual Work-Related Required Training, all U of I Supervisor Required Training and (1) Communication Essentials (2) Building Team Relationships  (3) Leading Change (4) Managing Conflict (5) Managing Diversity in the Workplace (6) Overcoming Unconscious Bias (7) Respectful Communication and 5 electives from the Advanced Leadership Development Program Electives List. 

Certificate of Completion

To receive a certificate of completion, participants must complete all of the requirements of their program. You will need to fill out and submit the Personal Learning Record Sheet for your selected program to Please contact Dusty Fleener at 208-885-2323 for more information.

Program Graduates

Bush, Margo
Cain, Greg
Flick, Mindy
Kanikkeberg, Deedee
LaHann, Daniel
Maita, Caitlin
Otto, Rachel
Proctor, Matt
Smith, Barbara

Smith, Jennifer

Adams, Melissa
Ailor, Debbie
Ball, Cindy
Bernstein, Bonnie
Bogar, Ashley
Borth, Mark
Brocke, Mandy
Broyles, Barbara
Calza, Olivia
Camden-Britton, David
Clyde, Scott
Dahmen, Tammie
Davis, Suzanne
Dumond, Koryn
Engan, Audrey
English, Thomas
Ettesvold, Audrey
Fulfer, Anne-Marie
Graham, Rose
Green, Sammantha
Gussenhoven, Eugene
Hall, Cassidy
Hansen, Kristin
Hill, Lisa
Jones, Janice
Keleher, Julia
Kollasch, Savannah
Larsen, Rance
Lawson, Daniel
Leibbrandt, Ian
Lighty, Christine
Lin, Hui-Mei
Linquist, Shawna
Mader, James
Magnus, Natalie
Manni, Joshua
Martinez, Jesse
Martonick, Sarah
Mattoon, Michele
May, Karrie
McKenzie, Ellen
McKinney, Adam
McMullin, Kristen
Nelson, Heather
Noble, Tamara
Nugen, Mike
Nuhn, Theresa
Placke, Michael
Pollard, Frederick
Pratt, Megan
Regan, Donald
Ridgway, Elisabeth
Robertson, Jill
Samuels, Jessica
Schlueter, Sondra
Sixtos, Irma
Smith, Justin
Smith, Russell
Snodgrass, Jennifer
Stoddart, Richard
Stubblefield, Tiffani
Sutherland, Kileen
Taff, Heather
Todish, Janice
Turner, Shishona
Tuschhoff, Emily
Unzicker, Theodore
Vandegrift, Judy
Williams, Kenneth
Wood, Mindi

Agidius, Erin
Aiman, Benjamin
Arevalos, Evelina
Attebury, Ramirose
Autenried, Peter
Blickenstaff, Johanna
Brandow, Jacqueline
Castro, Cynthia
Chermak, Heather
Coker, Alan
Copeland, Kristi
Cornwall, Laila
Couch, Rebecca
Coulter, Mandi
Cox, Gregory
Craig, James
Daffin, Arvilla
Driskell, Graham
Eisinger, Debra
Englund, Lovina
Eschen, Laurel
Flynn, Heather
Foster, Deborah
Furedy, Arleen
Gaffney, Terri
Garlinghouse, Jamie
Gonzalez-Spellmire, Mark
Gray, Travis
Haire, Jodi
Hattenburg, Keven
Holmes, Kay Dee
Husa, Deborah
Johnson, Tammi
Kearney, Darren
Kirchmeier, Benjamin
Koester, Samuel
Laarman, Anne
LaPaglia, Sonja
Law, Joseph
Liou, Linda
Mahoney, Brian
Martinez, Maria
Matheison, Jeannie
McGarry, Diane
Meekhof, Jennifer
Miller, Lisa
Mylan, Jennifer
Neal, Bradley
Neilson, Chad
Pfeifer, Mark
Pinchuk, Kirsty
Planagan, Cori
Rathbone, Kendra
Russell, Kerry
Schiffelbein, Kathryn
Shears, Angel
Spanton, Josh
Stefanic, Michele
Stephenson, Margaret
Summers, David
Walker, Jodi
Walsh, Olga
Wells, Lynn
Yaezenko, Matthew
Yardley, Cassandra
Zagelow, Kari

Beckman, Hayley
Bertelloti, Angelina
Cruz, Erinn
Garrett, Melissa
Jovanovska, Bilijana
Lorentz, Julie Lang
Lowe, Britney
Magana, Maria
McMullin, Michael
Mowrer, Emily
Ortlieb, Ian
Tims, Kristine
Torok, Lauren
Valoff, Andrew

Anderson Eric
Banks, Angela
Branting, Sue
Daniels, Kelvin
Duke, Kathy
Fleener, Dusty
Foss, Kathy
Gollberg, Linda
Helmke, Angela
Hemati, Saied
Hostetter, Tana
Larson, Leslie
Mangiantini, John
Norman, Amy
Salsbury, Lysa
Stoor, Mellisa
Terwilliger, Brandi

Abdallah, Tracey
Bretthauer, Alexandra
Bunney, Cretia
Chen, Chen
Crenshaw, Donna
Crout. Michele
Fizzell. Greg
Gardner, Brandon
Keim, Elissa
LaHann, Holly
Lunt, Marty
Lyngholm, Michael
Marsh, Brenda
Maximillian, Jacqueline
Mayhugh, Aaron
Mazurik, Denise
O'Connell, Angela
Stout, Mary
Willis, Dayna

Brown, Twila
Edinborough, Ryan
Foltz, Barbara
Freitag, Kris
Hall, Jennie
Holthaus, Margo
Howard, Summer
LaBolle, Larissa
Metlen, Sherri
Reader, Carolyn

Physical Address:
Bruce Pitman Center
Room 041

Mailing Address:

875 Perimeter Drive MS 4241
Moscow, ID 83844-4241

Training Coordination:

Training Records/LMS:
Phone: 208-885-2323