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55.09 - Employee Leave Benefits


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Last updated: January 01, 2023

A. General. Leave benefits are available to UI employees, if eligible. Benefits for specific leave types available are fully described in FSH 3710.

B. Process. Annual (vacation) and compensatory leave is generally to be taken at times mutually agreeable between the employee and the supervisor. Other leave for personal needs and responsibilities of the employee outside the work environment require communication with, but not necessarily approval of, the employee’s supervisor and Human Resources (HR), see FSH 3710 for the various leave types.

C. Procedure

C-1. Annual (Vacation) Leave. Employees should submit written requests for annual leave, as far in advance as possible to allow the unit sufficient time to cover the employee’s absence. Longer advance notice is generally expected when leave is desired for more than a week. Annual leave is subject to the approval of the supervisor, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld. Employees whose salaries are funded by grants or contracts are expected to use all annual leave earned while paid from the grant or contract before expiration of the grant or contract or termination of employment. Employees are expected to take all annual leave prior to converting from fiscal year to academic year appointments. Board policy will be followed for any leave remaining following a transition to ineligible position. [See RGP II.G.3. and FSH 3710]

C-2. Sick Leave. [See FSH 3710 C]

C-3. Parental Leave. [See FSH 3710].

C-4. Military Leave. The employee should present a copy of their military orders to their supervisor. The department timekeeper processes the request for military leave on an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) and provides a copy of the military orders to Benefit Services as documentation. The number of hours is entered as “MIL” on the timesheet. Military leave with pay is limited to 120 hours per calendar year [See FSH 3710]. If more than 120 hours per calendar year of military leave are needed, the employee may elect to use eligible paid time off and/or they will be placed on leave without pay for the duration of the military leave [See 55.38].

C-5. Leave for Jury or Other Legal Duty. The employee should inform their supervisor, and provide a copy of the legal document requiring the employee’s presence for jury or other legal duty to Payroll. Employees process a leave of absence with pay for the required period by entering the code “JRY” on the timesheet. The employee is entitled to keep fees and mileage reimbursement in addition to regular salary [See FSH 3710].

C-6. Leave for Campaigning for or Serving in Public Office. [See FSH 3710, 6620, and RGP II.P.]. If leave for campaigning or for serving in public office involves personal leave, see 55.38.

C-7. Sabbatical Leave. [See FSH 3720] If the sabbatical leave involves a reduction in appointment percentage—for example, a full year sabbatical at half pay, see 55.38.

C-8. Professional Improvement Leave. [See FSH 3710]

C-9. Personal Leave (leave without pay). [See FSH 3710 N]. Personal Leave impacts other benefits [see 55.38], thus employees contemplating a period of Personal Leave need to contact Benefit Services (208) 885-3638.

C-10. Administrative Leave. [See FSH 3710]

C-11. Shared Leave. Forms for donating and receiving shared leave are available on the Benefits website, See “forms” within the appropriate section under “time away from work." [Also see 55.07 and FSH 3710].

C-12. Family Medical Leave. [See FSH 3710]

D. Information. Leave benefits are discussed at Employee Benefits Orientation [See 55.31]. For further information or questions on leave benefits, call Benefit Services at (208) 885-3638.

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