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90.50 - Biology Stores Services

July 21, 2009 (formerly APM 80.50)

A. General. Biology Stores was established within the Department of Biological Sciences to provide a convenient and inexpensive source of chemicals, lab ware and other biology-related materials to university researchers. Biology Stores also offers a line of molecular biology products including reagents, restriction/modifying enzymes, and specialty items for molecular applications.

A-1. Location/Hours. Biology Stores is located in the Life Sciences Building, Room 358. Operating hours are 10:00a.m.-4:00p.m., M-F. For inquiries, please call (208) 885-6776.

B. Purchasing Process. To purchase from Biology Stores, customers must go to the sales window and provide a valid UI budget number. Biology Stores does not make deliveries. Sales are entered onto the Banner Stores Module and are posted immediately. The default account code is E5741, Medical, Laboratory & Technical Supplies, but any code can be used per the customer’s request. Charges are not routed to Banner approval queues.

B-1. Cash Sales. Cash sales are permitted for all stock except chemicals.

B-2. Sales Receipts. At the time of the sale, the customer will sign a receipt and be given one copy. A second copy will be mailed to the customer’s departmental bookkeeper, and the original will be retained in Biology Stores.

B-3. Returns. Biology Stores accepts items for return if they have not been used or opened and if they are returned within a reasonable time period.

B-4. Viewing Biology Stores Transactions on Banner. Banner Finance users may view Biology Stores transaction in a variety of ways, including querying on the charge listed on the Daily Transaction Activity form (FGITRND, accessed from the Organization Budget Status form, FGIBDST) or by querying directly via the Banner Stores Issue/Return Query form FSIISSQ.

B-5. Molecular Biology Products. Molecular biology products are supplied through vendor consignment programs. Purchases are recorded on sales sheets at the point of purchase; customers provide a budget number and signature for each sale. Customers are billed 1-2 weeks after the purchase date as products are restocked. Sales receipts are sent to the customer’s departmental financial manager at the end of each month.

B-6. Off-Campus Customers. Off-campus customers can make cash purchases or open an account with the Department of Biology Sciences for subsequent billing.

C. Information. Any questions regarding Biology Stores Services should be addressed to the Biology Stores Manager, at (208) 885-6776.

Campus Locations

Physical Address:
Bruce M. Pitman Center
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4264
Moscow, ID 83844-4264

Phone: 208-885-6111

Fax: 208-885-9119