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6620 - Use of the University's Name and Symbols


  • Position: Senior Director of Marking & Creative Services/Senior Director of Communications
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Last updated: June 01, 2009

A. The name, “University of Idaho,” is the exclusive property of UI and, consequently, may be used only in communications supported by funds administered under the authority of the regents. Communications of any sort that are not supported by such funds may not use UI's name, and they are in no way to suggest that they are UI communications or sponsored or endorsed by UI. The regents have directed the president or the president's designee to take legal action to enjoin any unauthorized use of UI's name.

B. UI personnel or others must not use UI's name or identity symbols when their use could be construed as implying institutional support for or endorsement of any activity, product, or service, unless such support or endorsement has been officially authorized by the president or the president's designee.

C. UI stationery should be used for all official correspondence and representation of the institution by UI personnel. However, the use of UI stationery, supplies, services, or equipment for private purposes, including political or religious activities and privately compensated consulting or other services, is neither authorized nor permitted.

D. Any campus organization may use, without prior approval, the name University of Idaho, or an abbreviation thereof, as part of its own name ONLY to describe location. Terms such as “campus” or UI campus” may be used by any campus organization as part of its own name without approval.

E. A campus organization may state that its membership is composed of students, faculty, or staff of the university, but it shall not indicate or imply that it is acting on behalf of the university.

F. Events or activities presented by campus organizations may not be advertised or promoted in such a way as to suggest that the function is sponsored or endorsed by the university, unless prior approval has been obtained from the office responsible for coordinating the organization’s relationship with the university.

G. Permission for use may be withdrawn at any time the authorizing official determines that further usage will not be in the best interests of the university or that there has been failure to adhere to the basis on which the request to use the name or abbreviation was originally submitted and approved.

Version History

Amended June 2009. Minor grammatical changes.

Amended July 2007. Minor grammatical changes.

Amended July 2002. Editorial changes.

Adopted July 1996.

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