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Chrome River

Chrome River is a web application that offers the latest in travel and expense management. Travelers enjoy the same user experience across all devices—desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The business-rules engine in the application assist travelers in complying with University of Idaho policies more efficiently by applying travel and purchasing card policies as the expense reports are created which will prevent delays in processing for travel and purchasing card expenditures.

Required Report formats for document approval filtering within Chrome River include:

  • "TR" on all Travel Pre-Approvals and Employee Expense Reports. (Should be submitted within 90 days after return from travel)
  • "NT" on all Non-Travel Reports. (Should be submitted on a two week basis)

If you would like to schedule a training session for your college or area, please email

For more Information concerning Chrome River, please contact

Chrome River FAQ

What Type of Training will be available for the Chrome River Implementation?

There will be Open Session that will provide a demonstration of the software and provide a Q & A support of Chrome River.


Who will be providing the training sessions:

The Training sessions will be conducted by Accounts Payable Team.


What is the responsibility for the departments in regard to training?

The subject expert in each department will be able to assist travelers in completing their claims and researching payments on the Chrome River Software.


How do I Identify what the Banner Document is?


  • Based on the report number, you can determine what the ZT journal for the Purchasing Cards.
  • Report Number : 010019311688   will be translated to Banner as ZT311688
  • The journals start with ZT and include the last 6 digits of the report number.


  • From the Cardholder's history on FAIVNDH - The report number is listed as the Vendor Invoice Number.

How Do I Edit a documents?

  1. Submit the claim with no changes
  2. Go back to the dashboard
  3. Select the claim in the “Recently Submitted” expenses
  4. Select “Recall” It will verify that you want to return it to DRAFT – select Yes
  5. Select it out of the Draft Folder on the dashboard.
  6. Make your changes and submit.

How to Enter an Activity Code?
You can select an activity code that will be included on Banner.

  • If an activity code is included in the FOAPAL, select "Use Default Activity Code"
    • In Banner the activity listed in the FOAPAL will be included.
  • If no activity code is needed, select "Leave Activity Code Blank"
    • In Banner there will be NO activity listed for the expense.

What is the Offline Gallery?

The offline gallery is based on the receipts that were uploaded to Chrome River.
The items selected from the offline gallery creates an "I" document and pays the individual for the transaction. You can delete items that are not needed from this gallery.

What is the Credit Card Gallery?

The credit card gallery contains purchase card items that are uploaded from U.S. Bank. Those items create a ZT document and posts as a journal. You can not delete items from this gallery, only submit expense reports.

What are the emailing addresses?

Receipt to your email

Subject: Dollar amount (e.g. 125.00)
Attachments: Copy of receipt

Email from one user to another e-wallet

Subject: Email address (e.g.
Attachments: Copy of receipt

  • How to handle lost receipts for purchasing card expenses
  • How to report travel with personal combined and cost estimates
  • When to submit an expense for payroll tax withholding

The university has outgrown the current Travel Web program, which has been in use since 2003. U of I needs a robust travel management system that can provide tools to assist travelers, manage travel costs and simplify compliance with State of Idaho Travel Policies.

Chrome River is a fast, fluid mobile web application that offers the latest in travel and expense management. Travelers will enjoy the same user experience across all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The business rules engine in the application will assist travelers in complying with U of I policies more efficiently by applying those policies as the expense report is created. This prevents downstream delays in processing claims by eliminating much of the back and forth that currently happens as claims are audited. The application provides multiple options for attaching receipts to expense claims, which will greatly increase efficiency and decrease processing time for claims. Just imagine completing your expense report from your smartphone with snapshots of receipts while you wait in the airport for your flight home!

The Chrome River application will benefit the departmental staff preparing the expense claims and Accounts Payable with simplified processes and greater visibility into expense claims during the approval process. The integration of Purchasing Card processing and the travel reimbursements on one travel expense report will create efficiencies in expense processing and provide more complete information for each trip. The routing rules will also ensure that proper approvals are consistently obtained for all expense claims.


Physical Address:

Bruce Pitman Center, Room 042

Mailing Address:

875 Perimeter Drive MS 4244
Moscow, ID 83844-4244

Fax: 208-885-5417