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Preparing for a New Semester

Acknowledging the Health Insurance Requirement in VandalWeb

When a student clicks on "Register for Class" for the first time in a registration cycle they will see a pop-up telling them they have an outstanding action that must be completed in order to continue the registration process. Pressing continue will take students to the outstanding actions page.

After pressing continue, the student will see instructions to click on each action item on the left to complete them. All action items must be completed before the student will be allowed to register for classes.

Students must click on the SHIP Action item in order to complete the action. When the SHIP action item is opened, students will see text appear in the right-hand window. Scroll down to the bottom of the text in the right-hand window to see a check box acknowledging that the student has read and understands the Student Health Insurance Requirement. Check the box and hit save to complete the task and continue with registration. 

Once you have acknowledged the requirement, students can either enroll in the university's Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP), submit their personal insurance information for verification, or continue with registration.

  • To enroll in SHIP, follow the instructions on the SHIP website
  • To submit your personal insurance information for verification, follow the instructions on the Personal Insurance website
  • To continue with registration, click continue in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

If you do not submit your health insurance information or complete SHIP enrollment during the course registration process, you MUST return to VandalWeb to complete the insurance process before the first day of classes. 

VandalWeb homepage for students.
Step 1: Log in to VandalWeb and hit "Register for Classes"
Students must acknowledge the Health Insurance Requirement before registering for classes.
Step 2: Click continue on Action Item Processing pop-up
Example of Health Insurance Requirement Action during registration process.
Step 3: Select the "Health Insurance Requirement" Action
Click the box at the bottom of the Health Insurance Requirement Action to continue with registration.
Step 4: Check the acknowledgement box, save and continue.

IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR CONTINUING STUDENTS: Health Insurance Information Forms are only valid for one semester. Continuing students must confirm their health insurance information prior to the first day of each semester. Students with a break in their academic enrollment are required to complete a new Health Insurance Information Form when they re-enroll and every semester thereafter.

Medical Insurance Billing on Student Accounts

Students subject to the requirement are AUTOMATICALLY billed for the SHIP (under the heading of “Medical Insurance”) on their tuition bill if they have not opted to use their personal health insurance or if they have not submitted their personal health insurance information for verification. For those students who have outside coverage, it is their responsibility to submit their personal health insurance information prior to the first day of classes in order to have the insurance charge removed from their tuition bill. Students may change their selection at any time PRIOR to the first day of the semester. Online Health Insurance Information Forms through VandalWeb are not accepted after the first day of a semester.

The credit on your student account is conditional pending verification of compliance.

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