Perkins Loan Program

Campus Partners toll-free number

(formerly AMS Servicing Group, Inc.)

The Student Loan Office, in cooperation with the United States Department of Education, offers this, our largest loan program, to current University of Idaho students.

For information about how to apply for a Perkins loan, please contact Student Financial Aid Services. The Student Loan Office administers the program, but can ony disburse funds to those students approved by SFAS.

This federally-sponsored program allows current UI students to borrow up to $4,000 per academic year for undergraduate school-related expenses ($6,000 per year at the graduate level) at the interest rate of 5% APR. Students must show financial need to qualify for this loan, and all interest is deferred during periods of enrollment. Due to the size of the program, the University of Idaho contracts billing services for this program to Campus Partners (formerly AMS Servicing Group). Students will soon be able to get account information directly off the AMS web site. We have the most common forms available on our Deferment Page.

Our loan Servicer, Campus Partners, has provided this fact sheet for your information.

Please direct comments and/or feedback to Student Loans